Deadpool 2 - The Family Edition

Updated: 3rd May 2024

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Faneditor: Risinger Productions
Fanedit Type: Special Projects
Fanedit Release Date: 18th March 2024
Fanedit Runtime: 1h:52m:36s
Time Cut: 0h:0m:0s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Franchise: DeadpoolMarvelX-Men
Genre: ActionComedySuperheroes
Original Title: Deadpool 2 (2018)  
Original Release Date: 1st January 2018
Original Runtime: 0h:0m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: 12A
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: Stereo
Language: English
Subtitles: No


Wisecracking mercenary Deadpool meets Russell, an angry teenage mutant who lives at an orphanage. When Russell becomes the target of Cable -- a genetically enhanced soldier from the future -- Deadpool realizes that he'll need some help saving the boy from such a superior enemy. He soon joins forces with Bedlam, Shatterstar, Domino and other powerful mutants to protect young Russell from Cable and his advanced weaponry.


This edit takes Once Upon A Deadpool, removes all the Fred Savage scenes, adds in all the missing (and clean) moments available from the theatrical and Super-Duper Cuts, and cuts a handful of jokes to make it a more comfortable family watch.

Change List:

Used Once Upon a Deadpool as a base Cursing is cut wherever it wouldn’t be noticeable (e.g.offscreen or just before a cut). No muting or bleeping, just less cursing. Cut all Fred Savage scenes (I just have to share my pain here, it was INCREDIBLY difficult joining the final kiss shot without screwing up the flow of the music, what a nightmare) Replaced the 20th Century Fox logo with the 20th Century Studios logo. Remember, (were this official) it would be post-Disney-merger, so I think this helps hammer that idea home Replaced the OUDP opening sequence with my own, made from a customizable After Effects project. I wanted to preserve the storybook-esque opening but still leave out Fred Savage. Now, the movie opens with a storybook titled “Deadpool 2 - The Family Edition” as Wade discusses the nature of the film (using his narration from OUDP). “The Family Edition” is presented in the Disney font to hint at the power censoring this movie. Cut the Passion of the Christ joke in the cab Added the Batman V. Superman and traffic jokes from the SD cut Cut “Let’s watch some porn and show that bed who’s boss” Cut the Luke and Leia sex joke Added the 007 parody opening credits back in. Combined the best of the theatrical and SD cut versions. The following two changes were made within this sequence Changed “20th Century Fox Presents” to “‘Fixed’ By The Prudes At Disney” Replaced “Presented by What the Fu*k-?” with “Presented by Are You Stupid?” Added Weasel’s extended lines about Wade’s smell in the bar from the SD Cut Replaced “should’ve brought my rape whistle” with “Who lives here, Calista Flockhart?” from the SD Cut Cut “One that doesn’t end up in my mouth” Cut “I thought you were going to kiss me” Added the fully extended scene with the Hillbillies discussing baby wipes from the SD Cut. Cut an F-bomb. Added “It’s on my head and smells like Patrick Stewart” from the theatrical cut Cut “I like to think I’ve rubbed off around you too. A lot.” Added Cable fighting prison guards from the SD Cut (trimmed slightly for violence, with an F-bomb removed) Added Wade’s three questions to Cable from the SD Cut Added Cable and Weasel’s extended conversation from the SD cut Added the “2008 Ryan Renolds” joke Added DP’s line “And I’d like the McRib to be on sale year-round, but some dreams don’t come true” from the SD Cut. Added The helicopter pilot (cameo by scriptwriter Rhett Reese) saying, “You’d have to be crazy to take off in these winds” from the SD Cut. Cut a shot of Shatterstar’s blood spray Cut “How in the name of satan” Added Cable and Domino’s introduction during the van fight from the SD cut Cut “I should’ve worn my white pants” Added “Suck it, Mel Gibson” from the SD Cut Cut “That was nice for me” Added “No, it’s his basic instinct” line from Weasel after DP crosses his legs from the SD Cut Cut around dirty jokes in the “I’m here to proposition you” segment. Replaced “Never eat a raw starfish” with “The man-bun is just a millennial mullet” from the green-band trailer Replaced “That’s exactly what a racist would say” with "Tell that to Black Tom. He was like a brother to me.” from the theatrical cut Replaced “Are you bear-god? It’s me Margaret” with “I wish I could travel through time and take it back” from the theatrical cut Changed “Only best friends execute pedophiles together” to “Only best friends execute together.” Cut DP calling Colossus “Chrome-bone” When Colossus’ is censored, I added a subtitle reading, “The executives at Walt Disney have deemed this content unsuitable for audiences.” This keeps up with the Disney censoring the movie plot and just feels more fourth-wall-break-y Added the “back in the saddle” moment with Wolverine to the post-credit scene from the SD Cut (trimmed slightly for violence) Replaced the “Once Upon a Deadpool” title card with a “Deadpool 2 - The Family Edition” one (Modified from the Deadpool 2 Theatrical title card) Added the baby Hitler scenes from the SD cut (Be sure to stay to the end of the credits). Note: I debated on whether I should add this or not. It’s pretty dark, but it’s still mostly clean, and he doesn’t go through with it in the end anyway. Replaced “Once Upon A Deadpool” with “Deadpool 2 - The Family Edition” again at the tail-end of the credits Added a Risinger Productions title card

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