Hackers: The 56K Upgrade

Updated: 8th May 2024

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Faneditor: futon88
Fanedit Type: FanFix
Fanedit Release Date: 9th October 2023
Fanedit Runtime: 1h:37m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:8m:0s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Genre: CrimeDramaRomance
Original Title: Hackers (1995)  
Original Release Date: 12th August 1995
Original Runtime: 1h:45m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: 12A
Format: Blu-Ray
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: Stereo
Language: English
Subtitles: English


Cult classic "Hackers" from '95, but with some augmented VFX, improved sounds, and 15 sourced songs to complement the music you already know and love from the soundtrack. Less Boswell, and more Massive Attack, Underworld, Leftfield, Hooverphonic, Tricky.


It's a fun movie, but the unsubtle music from Boswell and some cringey moments ("RISC is good", "Look at that pooper!", "Cancer!?", all of the "code vision" stuff) pull it down to a "C" level for me. The goal was to get it to B or B+.

Change List:

Custom "futon88" logo courtesy of @DyslexicFcuker Added dedication. Changed music during initial raid scene. Added custom title. Removed what appears to be a very long hair from the "SEVEN YEARS LATER" plate. Desaturated Dade's computer screen in three shots to draw less attention to it. Adjusted VFX during ARPS takeover to look more like a typical terminal. Dade now cuts off the "America First" guy sooner. No longer says, "yak yak yak, get a job!". Removed Joey proposing possible handles. Created custom transition to Cyberdelia. Changed music during school hack and sprinkler test. Removed Cereal getting blamed for eating the fries. Different music when Joey hacks the Gibson. Different SFX soundscape when Joey hacks the Gibson. Custom keyboard foley when Joey hacks the Gibson. Removed all of The Plague's lines when Penn calls him. He no longer calls Penn a technoweenie, and no longer insists on being called "The Plague". Removed cut back to the server room for the phone call. We hear everything Hal says over the phone. Colour-corrected Joey's Gibson flyover. It's green in that first shot, while it's more cyan in all other shots. Shortened VR OS flyover when Joey connects. Different VFX when Joey connects to The Gibson. Removed shot of Gibson with electricity flowing up it. Different VFX when Joey finds and starts downloading the "Garbage File". Several microcuts to better align music during Joey's hack. Removed weird sound coming from Belford's PC. Removed code vision when Joey looks at the garbage file. Removed VR OS flyover when Plague echos Joey's terminal session. Removed Joey lunging for his computer when they come to pick him up. The butt shot is as awkward as his mom's reaction. Removed Margo making fun of of how Eugene dresses. Removed Eugene blaming Margo for not changing her password (the blame is clear from the look he gives her). Removed Margo being dumb about what it means for a tanker to flood its tanks. Belford now says, "...a virus" instead of "...the virus". Downgraded appearance of DaVinci virus. Different music during DaVinci briefing and escalator. Fixed the audio on, "What the hell was that all about?". All of the lines in this scene are clearly looped except that one, which was used from audio on set. There's a lot of background noise that's carried with it. Removed Margo telling Eugene to "get the file, otherwise you'll lose all your toys." Removed the Hacker's Manifesto scene. None of our core characters are in this scene, and the manifesto is a little cringe in 2023. Removed Phreak and Cereal's weird teasing after they mention Kate will be at the party. Different music when Belford is in the VR simulator. Different music when the secret service intercepts Dade at home. Removed "Blow me" / "Thank you" Removed atmospheric music during Dade / Eugene conversation. Remove Cereal's nonsense at the party; it's all badly looped audio anyways and doesn't align to his mouth. Removed the guys talking about the girl in the red dress and Nikon doxxing Lisa. Having a good memory doesn't explain why he knows everything about her... Removed the "Look at that pooper...spandex is a privilege...etc." line. Fixed Phreak saying "28.8 bps modem". Now he just says, "28.8 modem", which is also acceptable. The guys no longer watch Kate making out for as long. Dade gets her attention much sooner. Different music while Plague is doxxing Dade's mom. Removed shots of Dade doing rapid fire things on the laptop. Removed "I hope you don't screw like you type.". I wanted to restore the F-word, but the whole line is badly looped anyways. It was cleaner to just remove the whole thing. Removed "RISC is good". When they are messing with Gill, during the classified ad hack we no longer see/hear what Dade types. It's left to our imagination. Shortened scene with people calling into Gill re: the classified ad. Different music during dream #2. Different music when Dade receives the laptop. Different music when Joey gives Phreak the disk. Removed Phreak's dream sequence (the movie has already given us a dream fake out). Removed "Deja vu!". Added music when Kate gets the disk from the place where Phreak hid the thing that time. Different music when Dade delivers the disk to Eugene. Different music when Dade decompiles the worm. Custom keyboard foley when Dade decompiles the worm. Removed all code vision shots when Dade decompiles the worm. Partially corrected visible guide wire for the flare gun. Different music when Plague launches the virus. Removed Urban Dance Squad cameo. Removed Dade getting thrown off stage and crowd-surfing back to where he started. Removed, "Where were you!?" Moved "Good Grief" to background diegetic while Dade and Kate are waiting to see R&B. Fixed weird white splotch on "BARF BAG". Enhanced VFX when Dade first connects to the Gibson. Custom keyboard foley for the various laptops. Different music during the big hacking montage (spinning phone booths, etc.) [this is Hooverphonic's "Autoharp" with the "Dr. Walter Doo-Dahs" removed] Removed Margo's "Flu shot, cancer, brain cancer" line. Enhanced VFX while Dade is searching for the garbage file. Removed, "type cookie, you idiot". [this one was hard, but the removal leads right into "run antivirus", which makes a ton more sense in response to "what should I do?"] Removed "I'll head them off at the pass" Removed code vision when Dade finds the garbage file. Downgraded DaVinci's appearance (in a few places) Removed "zero bug, unholy files" Removed "die dickweed" Removed "send a flu shot" Removed "rabbit, flu shot" Removed "Cancer!?" Removed "Is that all you've got, etc." Removed Davinci yelling, 'HELP ME!!!' Removed "arf arf, we gotcha" Removed "viruses everywhere!" Enhanced VFX when Dade finds the garbage file. Removed code vision while Joey copies the file. Different SFX when Joey copies the file. Different music when they kill the Gibson. Different music when Dade is arrested. Removed Margo's laugh during the champagne moment. Removed Eugene and Margo dashing towards the bedroom. Different music during Cereal's broadcast. Removed shot of Margo groping around the bed looking for Eugene. Removed Cereal's "kinda feel like god" line. Removed shot of Satellite in orbit. Removed Margo yelling, "Eugene!" Different music when Margo is arrested. Different music when Belford is arrested. Removed "Stewardess! I'll never fly this airline again!" Different music during Crash and Burn's date.

Special Thanks:

DyslexicFcuker, INIGHTMARES, ArtisDead, and Spence for previewing and providing feedback. Extra thanks to DyslexicFcuker for sending me a stock "ACCESS GRANTED" clip for one of the VFX replacements, creating a custom futon88 logo for me, and for encouraging me to create English subtitles for this release.

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