Fast & Furious - The Series Cut

Updated: 8th May 2024

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Faneditor: Bailey
Fanedit Type: Movie-to-TV
Fanedit Release Date: 1st October 2023
Fanedit Runtime: 60h:4m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:12m:0s
Time Added: 0h:14m:0s
Franchise: Fast and Furious
Genre: ActionAdventure
Original Title: The Fast and the Furious (2001)  
Original Release Date: 1st January 2001
Original Runtime: 60h:18m:0s
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Certificate: 12A
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English
Subtitles: No


The Fast movies are not perfect, but for the most part they are good fun. A couple of them are great, a couple are very good, and a couple are just plain terrible. With the upcoming Fast X (upcoming at the time of starting this), I wanted to have a way to rewatch the Fast movies in smaller chunks. In my spare time, when I didn’t have the time to sit through a whole movie. So, I put this together, Fast & Furious: The Series Cut. What is Fast and Furious: The Series Cut? It is all of the Fast and Furious movies (including Los Bandoleros, Tokyo Drift and Hobbs and Shaw) cut up into 30ish to 45ish minute episodes.


The goal of this was to… Have an easily digestible way to rewatch the Fast movies. Put Tokyo Drift in chronological order. Trim some of the over-the-top-ness of the later movies.

Change List:

There are 4 seasons, 38 episodes total (for now). All episodes have a custom-made intro and end credits. Season 1- As a prelude or prologue, the flashback scenes from F9 are edited together and presented as Episode 1. Episodes 2-4 are mostly Fast and Furious 1. A 2005 title card was added at the beginning, changing it from 2001. Since episode 1 takes place in 1989, I wanted to lengthen the time between it and episode 2, because the actor playing young Dom looks so much different than Vin Diesel. Episode 3 opens with the opening scene from Tokyo Drift. Again, because I wanted to lengthen the time between the beginning of Tokyo Drift and the rest of it (more on that later). Episodes 5-8 are 2Fast 2Furious, Los Bandoleros and the opening Dominican Republic scenes from Fast 4, all blended together, with the credit scene from F1 as the open. Since 2Fast doesn’t include Dom and Letty, this is to weave together their story and the sort of side story of Brian and Roman. Episodes 9-11 - Fast and Furious 4. The end of ep 11 is a blend of the end of F4 and the beginning of Fast Five. In F4 the scene leaves a cliffhanger, F5 opens at the same scene. I blended them together as one scene. This ends season 1 on a nice cliffhanger. Season 2- Episodes 1-4 - Fast Five. I added a couple shots of Jason Momoa from Fast X. Just a couple brief "blink and you'll miss them" shots. Episodes 5-8 - Furious 6 with minor trims. Episodes 9 and 10 are most of Tokyo Drift. The beginning of TD is included in ep 2 and it picks up here in ep 9 with Sean already in Tokyo. This is to imply the passage of time. Lucas Black, who plays Sean, is supposed to be in high school, but looks way too old to be in high school. I cut out all references to high school in this portion. You see him going to and coming from somewhere, but it's meant to be ambiguous. Is he working? Is he in college? That's up to the viewer. Also, the passage of time is because he appears in F9 and looks to be in his mid-40s, and it's only supposed to be a few years later. Episode 11 - The beginning of Furious 7 with Han's death scene blended with the Furious 6 credit scene. Also removed Shaw destroying a hospital and killing countless people in it. I think this helps make his redemption later a little bit more believable, not a lot, but a little. Episodes 12-14 - The rest of F7 minus the tribute to Paul Walker (it is moved to later). Season 3- Episodes 1-4 - All of Fate of the Furious with minor trims. Episodes 5-7 - Hobbs and Shaw with minor trims. Episodes 8-10 - F9 minus most of the flashbacks. This movie is very melodramatic, I tried to trim some of that the best I could. Moving some of the flashbacks accomplishes some of this, also trimmed the part where Dom is falling through the water in slow-mo. The "FOR PAUL" tribute is added to the end of this episode. I think it works very well here to end the season. Also, it kinda works as two goodbyes to Paul Walker, with this and the beach scene at the end of ep 14 of season 2. Season 4 is only Fast X for now. Cuts and Additions: In 7, Dom doesn't stomp on the ground and cause an entire parking garage to collapse. Also in 7, the bad guy played by Djimon Hounsou says to "target the driver" (Dom) and to "fire on my mark" and stands there for forever and watches him get away before saying fire. This has been trimmed. In F9 when Dom and Letty jump the car across the giant ravine and catch the cable with the wheel and swing across... that has been trimmed to remove the cable aspect. Now they just jump across a probably smaller ravine. Also in F9, when the giant truck is rolling down the hill and Dom runs and jumps in the driver's seat and saves it somehow... that has been heavily trimmed. In Fate, when they are driving the cars remotely, the number of cars and the amount of time that this goes on, have been reduced greatly. In Hobbs and Shaw, some of the motorcycle transforming and jumping around have been trimmed. There are more changes, but this is all I can recall at the moment.

Other Sources:

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