Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny Recut

Updated: 29th May 2024

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Faneditor: MatsThyWit  
Fanedit Type: FanFix
Fanedit Release Date: 28th May 2024
Fanedit Runtime: 2h:10m:12s
Time Cut: 0h:24m:21s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Franchise: Indiana Jones
Genre: ActionAdventure
Original Title: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023)   
Original Release Date: 29th July 2023
Original Runtime: 2h:34m:33s
Original Links:

Certificate: 12A
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: Stereo
Language: English
Subtitles: No


In his twilight years legendary adventurer Indiana Jones finds himself drawn once again into a whirlwind globetrotting adventure to protect and maybe even save history.


Recut the movie for a faster, more intense, less bloated experience that feels more in line tonally with the original trilogy of films without fundamentally altering the story of the movie.

Change List:

-New Opening logos reintroducing the classic Paramount Pictures mountain Fade -Newly created credits designed based on the opening of The Last Crusade. -New titles for time and place "French Alps 1944", "New York City 1969." -Hardcoded English subtitles. -Cut Indy being a prisoner and references to him being captured throughout prologue. -Cut initial interrogation and Voller's original theatrical introduction-Cut Indy hanging/interrogation/air raid bombing action sequence. -Began movie instead with the capture of Baz and the train. -Cut car chase and motorcycle fight. Created new, shorter introduction to Indy in 1944. -Heavily trimmed train sequence. -Cut second tunnel. -Cut Voller confrontation on the top of the train. -Cut Indy and the News Stand/Subway. -Trimmed classroom scene to remove redundant references to the Antikythera. -Cut original re-introduction of Voller in 1969. -Remixed Helena New York City Bar scene to play all as one uninterrupted scene. -Trimmed murders at the college. -Trimmed Helena foot chase. -Trimmed bad CGI face on stuntman during shelf stunt. -Trimmed parade chase for pacing. -Cut "Fugitive wanted for Murder" Subplot and all references to same. -Trimmed fight at the Tangiers hotel to remove humor that doesn't work and improve pacing. -Cut Indy awkwardly yelling "Get Back!" while snapping his whip. -Significantly trimmed Rahim subplot. -Tuk Tuk chase recut and shortened by close to 3 minutes. -Trimmed banter between Helena and Indy. -Cut Dialogue from CIA agent Mason in plane sequence to maintain continuity with newly created edits. -Cut Helena considering leaving Indy in the sunken ship, instead Helena stays around and helps Indy, strengthening her character development. -Cut bug sequence from Ear of Ear of Dionysius. I like the bugs, but Indy feels distractingly out of character for what amounts to a sub-30 second scene. -Remixed Finale in order to maintain the perspective being from Indy, Helena, and the Nazis instead of being frequently interrupted by Archimedes and the Roman soldiers.

Additional Notes:

This edit was tweaked and shaped repeatedly here and there over the course of an entire year. It was a labor of love from a long time franchise fan that thought the movie was a good movie that was hiding a potentially great movie inside of it. I believe after having finished the edit and watched it with others that my suspicion was correct. There really was a great movie inside of Indy 5 all along.

Other Sources:

Youtuber Thisis-JOE-isthiS uploaded this Paramount logo fade in on youtube in September of 2023 The first few seconds of this edit were used to create the Paramount the new opening of this edit. All credit to this page.

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to r/indianajones for encouraging this edit, and having been the most vocal in their support of it since all of last year. A fabulous and welcoming community, and one of the best places on reddit.

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