Star Wars - Episode IV: 2004 Special Edition Revisited

Updated: 3rd May 2024

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Faneditor: Adywan
Fanedit Type: FanFix
Fanedit Release Date: 1st January 2008
Fanedit Runtime: 2h:7m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:0m:0s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Franchise: Star Wars
Genre: ActionAdventureFantasySci-Fi
Original Title: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)  
Original Release Date: 1st January 1977
Original Runtime: 2h:1m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: U
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English
Subtitles: English • Spanish


Star Wars: Revisited represents perhaps the boldest and most sophisticated of any of the fan edits of Star Wars EP IV: ANH. Star Wars: Revisited not only fixes errors and technical limitations to the film that should have been made in the first SE, but gives us a whole new vision for the movie, tying it to the rest of the Star Wars saga while correcting many of the excesses of the original SE. Shots are re-mastered and restored, special effect shots are re-composited and whole new sequences are created, giving the viewer a taste of what the SE could have been.


I have to admit that i have always liked the special editions of the original trilogy, with a few minor niggles of course, so i was so excited when the 2004 DVD release was announced. I waited in line at midnight, got my box set and raced home to watch them. switched on my cinema system (luckily the neighbours were away) , loaded the DVD and prepared to be blown away. Then the film started and my face dropped. What the hell have they done to the surround mix? OMG Luke’s saber is green & Darth’s is pink. I thought these editions would have been better than my old VHS ones. Yes the picture quality is far superior but the new faults just plain ruined them for me. So I decided that the original trilogy DVD’s need fixing but just never got round to doing it until i was amazed by the ADigitalMan/Darth Editous Hybrid DVD . I loved it so much i wanted to make my own.

Change List:

– Star Wars Logo: originally it receded way too quickly so this has been slowed down to match the speed in the rest of the saga. – The crawl appears slightly earlier now, as it did pre ANH, so it appears at the correct music cue that Williams’ intended, and how I remember it. – As the camera pans down to Tatooine you now see the 3 moons instead of just 2 – Tatooine now rotates slightly as the ships fly overhead – Re-coloured all lasers – Removed the horrible blue hazing as the stardestroyers engine come into view – Changed the explosion as the Tantive IV is hit to remove a lot of the smoke. – Added a jerk to the motion of the Tantive IV as it is hit – Speeded up the star field in that shot so the Tantive IV seems to be moving as fast as it did in previous shots. – Colour correction of the whole film to remove the blue tint. The Tantive IV’s walls are now white. – Re-coloured R2?s dome lights throughout the movie so they match closer to the rest of the saga. The front light now blinks from red to blue. – Re-edited the Tantive IV corridor battle to fix continuity issues where troopers die more than once. – Added blaster flashes to all blasters that have them missing as they fire. – Added blast flashes to the troopers where they are hit – Corrected issues where the blasters flash as if they were fired on set but no laser bolts were present. Added the lasers to fix this throughout. – Fixed the jump cut where 3PO & R2 cross the corridor on the Tantive IV & the doorway explodes. – When Vader enters the Tantive IV a Stormtrooper lets go of the head of a dead trooper but that you can see that the actor slowly lowers his head. This has been fixed and the troopers head now drops at speed more like a dead body. – Added blinking lights to Vader’s chest plate – Vader’s eyes re-coloured to remove the red tint. – When 3PO is looking for R2 a trooper falls to the floor behind him as if he has been shot but there is no laser fire. Added some lasers & a flash as the trooper is hit. – Smoothed / fixed the jump cut as R2 extends his third leg and heads for 3PO & the one where he leaves 3PO – Fixed the error in the scene where Vader is strangling Antilles the trooper in the background changes position in one shot. Originally his legs are closed and his blaster is in a totally different position. – Fixed an FX issue when Leia is hit by the stun blaster the glow effect is missing on part of her dress. – In the scene where R2 presses the button to open the pod door you now see his arm retract – Re-coloured the interior of the escape pod to blue due to continuity issues in this scene. – As the escape pod blasts off it now begins to rotate as it does in the rest of the shots – When the imperial commander says “hold your fire” the trajectory of the escape pod has been changed so it is heading downwards and away from the ship instead or just heading straight which caused a continuity error in the next shot as we see the underbelly of the stardestroyer , which means it was heading downwards. – Changed the stars & stardestroyer view from inside the pod so the ship & stars now recede at different rates – You now see the escape pod enter the atmosphere of Tatooine. – Every FX shot has been either touched up or redone in some form or another, but too many to mention every one. – On Tatooine the escape pod canopy has been re-coloured to remove the odd blue colour – In the some scenes the sky has been changed to match other shots. – Added the sandcrawler from the OUT to replace the static shots when 3P0 thinks he is rescued – Completely new canyon wipe so the rocky surroundings that R2 travels through matches closer to what Tatooine looks like in the PT. Also brightened the scene slightly – Fixed a shot of R2 after he is captured where you see the mark of a restraining bolt before it is attached. In some previous shots it is also somewhat visible but I was unable to fix this. – Fixed a placement continuity error with the restraining bolt that the Jawas fix to R2 – Added a battle droid to the scrap inside the Sandcrawler. Also brightened up the inside scenes Fixed – Fixed R2?s eye dome in the shot inside the sandcrawler where it looks like you can see Kenny Baker inside. – Inside the sandcrawler 3PO’s eyes blink as he stands. Fixed – Re-coloured the sky in the SE shots of the sandtroopers & Sandcrawler so the colour the sky is less saturated and closer matches the sky we see at the homestead. – When Beru calls to Luke as they are about to inspect the droids, bushes appear & disappear from shot to shot. Removed the bushes from the shots of Luke to fix this error. – Removed a wire visible coming out of 3PO’s neck while Owen talks to him at the sale – Removed the repeated shot of R2 & the red R5 unit to fix a continuity error. Replaced with a new shot. – Fixed the pink sky effect just before this scene fades out. – Added the missing glow from R2?s holo light in the garage. – Brightened & desiderated the sunset scene. – Fixed the colour problem in the shot where 3PO jumps as Luke activates the restraining bolt in the garage. In the 2004 DVDs this shot was sepia. An example of some very bad colour problems with these DVDs. – As Luke races out of the Garage to use his macrobinoculars I have added 3PO running out of the doorway to fix an error that he suddenly appears out of nowhere. – New macrobinocular graphics that add in 3PO. All other macrobinocular graphics changed too. – Removed the droids tracks from a previous take make it look like it is being pulled along by a cord. – When Owen shouts Luke the Treadwell droid is in a totally different place than the previous shot and a fly lands on the camera lens. Fixed both issues. – In the shot where the Tusken raiders see Luke’s speeder travelling through the canyon the speeder suddenly seems to speed up towards the end and looks unnatural. Recomposited the speeder to fix this. – Re-coloured the sky in some shots when Ben rescues Luke so it is more blue instead of very grey/ white, which it isn’t in the shot where Ben scares the Tusken raiders. – Smoothed the jump cut where Luke ignites the sabre in Obi-Wan’s hut – Added the missing ornament on Ben’s table in the shot of Leia’s hologram. – Added the missing cloak on the wall behind Luke as he ignites the sabre. – Re-edited the whole “Ben’s Home” not only to fix the continuity errors but also because the conversation about the force and Luke’s father is now all together and flows better instead of being split into 2 separate conversations. It now starts off with the viewing of the hologram and fixes the continuity problems. – Added a new death Star sequence prior to the conference room scene to give the death star a better reveal. It now orbits a planet in all shots up until it is reported that it is fully operational. – Changed the torture droids syringe arm. Removed the writings and added a laser effect. – Mos Eisley approach re-edited. Removed some of the creatures on the first shot & extended the path of the landspeeder so it now fully enters the town. – Completely removed the Ronto/ Jawa sequence. – Removed the probe droid hit but the worker droid. – Removed both Rontos from the checkpoint scene. – Removed the probe droid from this scene also – Fixed the ship that flies in front of the vaporator making it look tiny. – When Luke looks over to the cantina it is heavily cast in shadow but as they approach there are no shadows. This has been fixed. – Added facial movements to some cantina creatures. – In the shot where you see Ponda Babba’s severed arm I have removed the blood & replaced the hand with the hoof like one we see him with in other shots. – More facial movements & blinks for Greedo – HAN SHOOTS FIRST!! Greedo no longer shoots either. – Removed the Jabba scene – As they approach docking bay 94 you see R2 at the side of 3PO but as the camera pans and he goes out of shot you suddenly see him appear again from a different direction, which would be impossible for him to appear so quickly. Fixed this error – Re-added the fade wipe as they approach the falcon. – Added the falcons dish in the docking bay shot and expanded the docking bay. – Slightly re-edited the docking bay shootout to fix some continuity issues – Fixed the issues with Hans “wobbly” wrist as he fires – Added the missing middle strut to all the Falcons cockpit window scenes. – Added the blue glow back to the Falcons engines. – As the falcon escapes Tatooine it now actually does some manoeuvres instead of “listing lazily to the left” – New Alderaan for all the viewscreen shots – New Alderaan explosion – Re-rotoscoped all lightsabres and fixed Luke’s green & wobbly sabre during the training session. – Re-composited the holo chess character so they look more like holograms now. – In close-up shots of R2 the background has the control light from the Death Star interior. These shots now have the correct background. – Fixed the jump cut as Luke turns off his sabre. – Added the colour to the remotes laser that was missing from the 2004 DVD’s – In the scene where Vader says “I told you she would never….” he gestures after he has stopped talking. This has been fixed. – More asteroids when the Falcon reaches the Alderaan system – New docking bays for exterior shots to match the new interior ones. – Removed the blue screen pole that is visible as the Falcon enters the docking bay and the girder crane in the top left which isn’t there when you see the interior of the docking bay – Added a glow to the shield light to all shots of the docking bay interior. – Added the censored shot of the officer being hit as they break into the control room. – Re-coloured the displays in the control room so they are no longer black & white – The Death Star’s interiors are now metallic grey instead of the horrible blue. – When Han, Luke & chewy wait at the elevator a trooper walks past them wearing a light coloured uniform but in the next shot it is a dark uniform. Re-coloured the light uniform to fix this. – Added the censored shot of the officer being hit in the detention cell shootout. – In the final shots of this sequence a trooper falls down the stairs but only the scenery was hit. The trooper now gets hit. – In the scene where the stormtroopers are about to blast their way into the detention cell, the elevator door has visible signs that it has been rigged for to blast apart and looks a mess. Fixed this issue. – New tractor beam matte shots. – Recomposited the SE shot of the many stormtroopers as Han chases them to look more natural – New wider shot of Luke & Leia as they swing across the chasm. They now look to be a lot higher up. – Re-edited the lightsabre duel to give it a faster pace – The lightsabre impact flashes cover both characters even though it should only be visible in front of the character closest to the camera. This has been fixed – Removed the visible power cable from the lightsabre up Ben’s sleeve – As Han & chewy reach the docking bay you can see the shadows of Luke & Leia awaiting their cue. Removed the shadows. – Replaced the dummy of Ben as Vader kills him. You now see his face and Vader actually slices through him and you see him disappear. – Removed the bar holding R2?s legs in place when the droids head for the falcon – When Luke blasts the control panel the door blast door closes, but in the next shot it closes again. This has been fixed. – As the Falcon leaves the docking bay it originally left very slowly even though the engines ignite and it should have accelerated faster. It does now. – Fixed the wobbly holotable as Luke gets up to head to the gun port. – Removed the horribly bad motion blur from the shots of Luke & Han in the gun port as the TIEs approach – Redone the TIE battle sequence so the falcon no longer appears to be just sitting there and added a few new shots. – Brand new explosions for TIES in this sequence – Added a faster moving star field to all interior window shots of the gun port including shots that were missing a star field. – When 3PO is entangled in the wires after the battle, again the close up of R2 has the death star interior background. It now has the correct Falcon corridor background. – After the battle you now see the falcon enter hyperspace. – Added the Hyperspace wormhole to the cockpit sequence. – The Falcon now can be seen exiting hyperspace as it approaches Yavin. – In the shot of the Falcon as it flies over the trees on Yavin IV the clouds have been changed to matched the rest of the sequence. I’ve also added the falcons shadow on the trees as it flies over. – New interior shot of the Hanger bay. Removed the cardboard fighters and given the hanger greater depth. – Fixed the following flip shots as they step off the transport vehicle. – New Death Star schematics. – Darkened the rebel briefing scene and once it is over the lighting becomes brighter. – New up to date briefing room graphics for the display. – A lot of the Rebel pilots have Blue insignias on their helmets but there is no blue squadron in the final draft. Re-coloured all blue insignias to red. – The shot of Yavin & the Death star following the briefing room scene has been changed so that Yavin matches the SE Yavin – When we see Han loading up his reward the Y-wing in the background is missing one of its engines because only half the ship was built. This has been fixed. – Fixed the horrible jump cut of R2 as he is loaded into the X-Wing while Luke talks to Biggs & Red Leader. – Added an extra stripe to one of the high view X-Wing shots to remove the repeated red leader X-Wing shots – As the X-wing lifts off it now flies forward and not just straight up. – As Luke leaves the temple you can now see the exterior of the temple from the rear cockpit window. – Re-edited all Rebel command centre shots to fix issues where the image has been flipped (you can tell because 3PO’s dent on his head keeps swapping sides) Also Leia keeps changing position. – Added Yavin to the rear cockpit windows of the fighters as they report in and to various shots throughout the battle. – Ships engines are now again red and not pink. – Re-coloured R2 so his dome is now blue and not black in all space shots. – Fixed few flip shots of various pilots during the battle (the microphone keeps swapping sides) – Added new shots throughout the sequence including a whole new TIE battle sequence – The rebel command centre table now includes holograms – The death star countdown clock & viewscreen is also a brand new updated display. – The window at the back of Vader’s cockpit has been blacked out because there should be no window. – Fixed issues where ships were missing in numerous scenes in the trench run when they should be in view. This includes both TIES & X-wings – Fixed the issue with the Trench approach where the shots clearly change from a flat matte to a model shot after the flash and really jumps out at you. It flows together between both sources better now. Also both times we see it they used the same shot. Each one now has slight differences to them. – When Vader fires at Luke and hits R2 he is actually firing beneath the X-wing but then next shot he hits R2 which would have been impossible. This issue has been fixed – When R2 Is hit the next shot you can see no smoke or damage through Luke’s cockpit window. This has been fixed – Added damage to R2s body to match the shot where he is unloaded from the X-Wing later. – Re-coloured bit X-wing & TIE targeting displays – A lot of shots throughout the Death Star battle the cockpit shots just have a plain black background. All cockpit shots now show what should be visible outside. – When Red Leader is killed I’ve you see an explosion but nothing makes it. I’ve added the x-wing hitting the surface. – Removed all of the “swinging TIES2 seen in the rear cockpit windows. The TIEs now more naturally according to the scene – A very slight edit to the Biggs death scene. Luke now reacts better to the death of his friend. – When the Falcon comes to the rescue and hits the left hand TIE fighter the laser both never actually hits the TIE fighter. This has been fixed – You now see the death star begin to fire as it explodes – New death Star explosion shot that integrates brand new footage and OUT and removed the shock wave ring. – When Vader spins out of control you can now see stars through his cockpit windows. – Chewie now gets a medal – Brand new end credits that include the Revisited credits and also every member of that contributed in the forums up until the second week in November 2007 There are also some other minor fixes that aren’t listed, mainly because i have lost track of exactly how much has been done. AUDIO – New 5.1 audio mix track with reversed surround channels fixed & a greater surround experience. The imperial march has now been added in places. Includes mainly a remixed 2004 DVD 5.1 audio track with elements of the Belbucus’ restored monomix (many thanks Belbucus), laserdisc 5.1 audio, german 2004 5.1 mix, on set audio and new elements – There are quite a few differences in this mix but too many to mention so heres a few minor changes: – The alarm heard aboard the Tantive IV has reverted back to the original alarm that could be heard in the Mono mix. – When Luke first see’s the holo message in the garage scene Leia’s “help me obi-wan...” lines have now been synced to what you see on screen. It can also be heard throughout this scene and not just when we see the hologram as originally. – New music mix when we first see the Sandpeople to fix the horrible music cut in the original – When Obi-Wan scares off the Sandpeople, the Krayt dragon call has been reinserted. – Original Beru’s voice dub from the monomix . Now sounds more natural than the one we have become use to. – The fanfare has been reinserted when the x-wings begin their dive to the death star. – The lightsabres now have a subwoofer channel to give extra depth – A few alternate dialogue changes taken from both the mono mix and on set audio – As Luke and leia reach the chasm there is a shot of the stormtroopers as they follow them and you can hear a laser blast but no one has fired. this has been removed. – During the falcon / TIE dogfight there are a couple of instances where you can hear the sound of an X-Wing. these have been removed and the correct TIE engine sound can now be heard.

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