The New Mutants - The Definitive Thriller Cut

Updated: 3rd May 2024

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Faneditor: MoviesRemastered  
Fanedit Type: Extended Edition
Fanedit Release Date: 17th October 2021
Fanedit Runtime: 1h:43m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:4m:0s
Time Added: 0h:13m:0s
Franchise: X-Men
Genre: ActionAdventureSci-FiSuperheroesThriller
Original Title: The New Mutants (2020)   
Original Release Date: 1st January 2020
Original Runtime: 1h:34m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: 15
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English
Subtitles: No


The New Mutants takes viewers on a chilling journey into the realms of thrill and horror. Set in a secluded facility, a group of young mutants with extraordinary abilities find themselves trapped, their powers unleashed amidst a sinister atmosphere. As the suspense builds, the eerie ambiance is heightened by the unpredictable manifestations of the mutants' powers, transforming their fears and inner demons into tangible nightmares. Each character's traumatic past and unique abilities interweave to create a tapestry of dread and uncertainty. The sense of isolation intensifies as the young mutants struggle to distinguish between their deepest fears and the malevolent forces lurking in the shadows. With every suspenseful turn, the film keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, questioning what is real and what lies within the twisted depths of their own minds. "The New Mutants" delivers a spine-chilling experience, immersing viewers in a world where terror and the supernatural blend seamlessly, leaving them with an indelible sense of unease long after the credits roll.


Making a movie that was closer to the original Thriller/Horror genre before all the rewrites and reshoots. This movie had such potential and thanks to the deleted scenes I’m able to create a storyline closer to what we expected.

Change List:

• Insert Fanedit warning • Insert MR logo • Add Movies Remastered title card • Remove all the opening scene up to Dani running in the forest. Showing everything at the start loses all tension or suspense throughout the rest of the movie. • Remove Roberto laughing at Dani’s name (This shows fear of speaking out and creates more awkwardness when Dani enters) • Remove Cutaway to Sam and replace it with Roberto’s response. • Add Roberto & Illyana Sunspot (deleted scene) • Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene • Insert Wolf looking up • Add Dani climbing ladder (deleted scene) • Use deleted scene score • Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene • Extend looking down clip to feel more vertigo. • Add “She’s a Demon” (deleted scene) • Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene • Add Bowed pitch sound to Sam’s Vision • Add Roberta & Dani Cantina (deleted scene) • Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene • Connects Dani doing laundry to Sam’s Vision transition • Delete Wolf looking up • Add “Too Hot” Roberto & Sam playing basketball • Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene • Add & Extend Dani’s Nightmare (deleted scene) audio mix • Use deleted scene colour grade • Add Demon Bear glowing eyes. • Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene • Add Nightmare score • Remove Wide Church clip (This breaks continuity after Dani breaks it earlier) I could’ve fixed it in post but it’s a completely different clock face. • Remove Illyana saying “It’s a lie detector”. The audience isn’t stupid • Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana in her room. • Add Thriller sound fx to Roberto & Illyana pool sequence • Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene • Add Sharp resonance string effect • Add Orchestral stab Sound Effect • Add High pitch Demon Horse scream • Add Demon raw in rear channel • Add Demon exhale Sound effects • Add Demon scream sound effect • Add “Initiate Lockdown scene” • Add “We’re on Lockdown” (deleted scene) • Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene • Add opening scene reveal of the Demon bear & what happened to Dani’s father mixed with Dani’s meditation scene. • Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana finding wall painting • Add Thriller sound fx to “..and like Christ I rise again” • Add crying Wolf sounds to shower transformation scene • Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana pulling Dani into her world • Add Warping sound fx to Illyana being pulled out • Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana vision as a child • Cut the struggle between Sam & Illyana with Smiley man to help pacing • Cut Sam saying “He can’t hurt you!” • Rearrange fight scene so Sam hits the floor first • Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana fighting with Smiley man • Add Thriller sound fx to Roberto washing up • Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana running from all Smiley Men • Add “This way, follow me!” (deleted scene) • Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene • Add tension building score • Add Movies Remastered to closing credits • Insert MR logo

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Thanks to the MR Discord Community

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