Godzilla vs Kong (Titan Truth Cut)

Updated: 24th May 2024

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Faneditor: MoviesRemastered  
Fanedit Type: FanFix
Fanedit Release Date: 19th October 2021
Fanedit Runtime: 1h:45m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:13m:0s
Time Added: 0h:5m:0s
Franchise: GodzillaKing Kong
Genre: ActionAdventureFantasySci-Fi
Original Title: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)   
Original Release Date: 1st January 2021
Original Runtime: 1h:53m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: 12A
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English
Subtitles: No


Godzilla vs. Kong is an epic monster movie that brings together two iconic creatures in a battle of epic proportions. The film revolves around the clash between the mighty Godzilla, the giant reptilian king of the monsters, and Kong, the colossal ape known as King Kong. As ancient rivals, these two behemoths face off in a spectacular showdown that shakes the very foundations of the earth. The movie takes audiences on a thrilling journey as they witness the awe-inspiring battles between Godzilla and Kong, with jaw-dropping action sequences and stunning visual effects. As the titans clash, human characters also find themselves caught in the crossfire, attempting to unravel the mysteries surrounding these creatures and find a way to restore balance. "Godzilla vs. Kong" is an exhilarating and visually stunning spectacle that showcases the sheer power and grandeur of these legendary monsters, delivering an unforgettable cinematic experience for fans of the genre.


To remove as much of the human subplots and side stories that detract from the Titans, while focusing fully on the action.

Change List:

• Insert Fanedit warning • Insert MR logo • Add Movies Remastered title card • Cut “at Apex” line from Simmons. From personal experience, anyone mentioning their own company name at any given moment is desperate. • Cut awkward kiss between Ilene and Nathan. Nothing romantic happens between these two so why have it? • Cut Ilene hiding as she goes to Jia. • Cut Ilene pausing as she runs up to Jia. This makes no sense and removing it keeps the touching flow of the scene between Jia and Kong. • Add tension building music to Madison doing research. • Add new message graphic from Bernie saying “Mad hatter, meet me at rendezvous point at 10pm”. With the added tension music and messages this plays as a reveal that Bernie and Mad hatter (Madison) have been planning a mission together. • Add new message graphics asking “Josh, come get me”. This now changes the scene so Madison and Bernie have already got a plan to break into Apex but she needs Josh to drive them. Giving Josh a purpose for being in this movie. • Add typing sound effect • Add Madison typing clip. • Add new graphic “Mission X is happening”. This text now ties nicely in with Josh playing Judas Priest – Breaking the law track as he arrives. Plus, the look on Madison’s face now indicates the speed at which Josh arrives. Instead of confusion. • Add more typing sounds • Add new message graphic “tonight!” • Rearrange research screen closeups to fit the scene better. • Add mouse clip sound effect • Remove mention of Chinatown • Remove mention of Bleach • Reduce introduction scene between Madison and Josh. This cut removes any hunt for “The internet Weirdo” and shows that Josh is along for the ride after stealing his Brothers van. • Cut “Are you coming?” sequence. Julian Dennison is such a terrible actor he even makes Millie Bobby Brown look bad in this scene. • Cut entire scene of Josh in the back of the van. Again, Josh is just annoying and this whole scene is pointless. • Cut entire Chinatown scene. Again, pointless scene as I’m now having the kids know Bernie already without all this side story, so Bernie is the one who picks up Madison fro her house. • Cut going to Bernie’s house to find him. Another pointless scene. • Cut entire Café scene. Yes, this does help flesh out Bernie’s character but I’ve removed all the meaning of this exposition so it’s pointless in this edit. Some of the dialogue and acting here is awful too just to set up the hip flask ending. (That doesn’t happen in this cut) • Cut straight to driving sequence. Deleting prior scenes removes the whole “finding the internet weirdo” and has Madison knowing Bernie from the start. • Remove Nathan saying “The World needs him!” so overly dramatic line that pulls me out the scene. • Remove Admiral line “This better work!” it’s an empty threat. What’s he gonna do? Honestly! • Remove Bernie’s “Move it Tap Water” line. This makes no sense now. • Bernie saying “Alright Mad hatter” indicates he and Madison have a friendship but they only met 2 mins ago. Removing the set-up scenes from earlier enforces the direction of this cut perfectly and the fact they nail a secret handshake also indicates they‘ve known each other sometime which again feels out of place in the original but helps to sell the new narrative that Maddie and Bernie have been longtime conspiracy Buddies. • Remove Josh dialogue • Remove Josh moaning dialogue • Remove Josh bitching more • Remove Josh “I don’t understand women” line • Remove Josh being scared at everything • Remove Josh “What are we looking at?” dialogue • Remove Bernie “You believe me, right?” and following Josh dialogue • Cut Elevator scene. Please stop trying to be funny! • Petty cut but removed Josh saying “Wow!” • Remove Bernie’s “Makes sense” line • Cut Josh being awkward • Cut Bernie “What, WHAT?” line • Cut Josh repeating “Someone’s coming” line • Cut awkward “comedic” walks • Remove Josh “They look like eggs” line • Remove Josh closeup • Remove Josh “I think we’re moving” line • Remove Josh “It says we’re moving to Apex headquarters” lines • Remove Bernie’s “Hong Kong? lines • Remove Nathan saying “It’ll be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen” line. His brother died doing this very thing. He would not be excited right now. • Cut Nathan screaming closeup. • Remove Bernie reading book • Remove Josh waking up • Remove arriving at Hong Kong to insert later. • Insert Mega Godzilla eye closeup • Add Beacon sound effects • Insert Godzilla U-turn scene. Adding this scene here allows the kids more time to travel to Hong Kong. It also helps us feel the threat sooner. • Remove evacuating the city scene. (use later) • Cut Ilene pointing to Kong and saying to Jia “Look…” line • Insert arriving at Hong Kong scene from earlier. • Remove feeding pit scene for later • Continue kids creeping through security. This is a maximum-security building and the original allows them to go straight to Level 33 unseen. Adding this scene here shows there are actual security guards in the building. • Insert Ki Adora scene first. This helps us build towards the action scene later and introduces out protagonists to the facility slowly. • Remove Bernie’s “Lizard people” line. • Cut Josh closeup • Remove Bernie’s “Bitch Whaaaaat!” • Cut Josh dialogue • Cut Josh closeup • Insert kids entering the feeding pit scene • Cut Josh being scared • Cut Josh “doors hate us” line • Cut Bernie scream. You’re in a maximum-security building and you’re gonna scream? • Remove “Mr. Simmons. Systems are coming online now" line • Remove closeup of Simmons • Cut Josh “That’s Mega Godzilla” line. I wanted to keep this line but it makes for a better joke at the end if Josh doesn’t say anything through the entire movie. • Remove Bernie screaming • Remove Josh running • Remove Josh and Bernie screaming • Remove Simmons “I have faith in my creation” this helps give the “I have faith in my daughter" line more gravitas • Remove Josh reacting to slime • Cut beacon scene from here which I used earlier. • Insert evacuating the city scene. • Remove Ilene expression of the Axe charging (weird face) • Remove Nathan expression of the Axe charging (weird face) • Cut straight to Jia childlike expression for better reaction shot. • Remove Simmons “Start your engines” line. Detracts from the action • Lower volume of Madison saying “Whaaaaat!” • Cut Josh silly face closeup • Cut Josh “I don’t like this, guys” line • Cut Josh “Madison, we should go” line • Cut Josh “Madison, they have guns...” line • Cut Josh reaction to gun in his face. • Remove Nathans screaming closeup • Remove Ilene weird face acting. • Remove Bernie’s “Not that you would notice” line. Simmons wouldn’t give him time to speak and cuts Bernie off mid-sentence now. This shows Simmons has dominance and respect in the room. • Remove Ilene looking at Nathan. Slight continuity error in Nathans head position. • Add beacon sound effects to Mega Godzilla clip • Cut Simmons “This is how we, a species, WIN” line • Cut Josh putting on glasses • Cut Josh “We’ll try to stop it ourselves” dialogue • Cut Josh “This thing is still inked to their satellite” and everything else following in that scene. The kids don’t break Mega Godzilla in this cut. • Cut scene between Bernie & Josh talking about Summer camp • Cut Bernie “is that a password… IS THAT A PASSWORD?” line • Cut Josh “I’m used to pirating movies online” dialogue • Cut Bernie & Josh “I thought you were a hacker” scene • Cut Bernie “If you’ve never had a drink before” scene. Removing this whole scene means Mega Godzilla just has a power shortage for a slight moment to allow Kong to gain control. No need for Josh’s heroic hip flask back story to save the day. • Cut Kids screaming “YEAH!” distraction for the action again. The audience is already screaming “yeah”. • Cut Josh “It was Madison’s idea” line. This allows Josh’s only line in the movie to be “Hi! Uhhh…” making the “Shut up Josh!” line hilarious. • Add Titan Truth Cut end card • Add MR logo to ending.

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Available only on MR Discord to Initiate members who own the original Blu-ray. Invite link here: https://discord.gg/EBdQVXhDUh

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