Star Wars: Old Ben Kenobi (The Tusken Edit)

Updated: 3rd May 2024

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Faneditor: MoviesRemastered  
Fanedit Type: TV-to-Movie
Fanedit Release Date: 2nd June 2022
Fanedit Runtime: 3h:0m:0s
Time Cut: 2h:24m:0s
Time Added: 0h:9m:0s
Franchise: Star Wars
Genre: ActionAdventureFantasySci-Fi
Original Title: Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022)   
Original Release Date: 1st January 2022
Original Runtime: 5h:33m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: 12A
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English
Subtitles: No


Old Ben Kenobi is a film that takes place approximately 10 years after the events of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. It follows the iconic Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, portrayed by Ewan McGregor, during his time in exile on the desert planet of Tatooine. Haunted by the events of Order 66 and the fall of the Jedi Order, Obi-Wan watches over a young Luke Skywalker, who is unaware of his true parentage. Obi-Wan's mission is to protect Luke from the growing influence of the dark side and keep him hidden from Darth Vader and the Emperor. As Obi-Wan navigates the harsh desert environment, he encounters familiar faces and new threats that challenge his resolve. The series explores Obi-Wan's internal struggles and his commitment to the Jedi teachings, while also shedding light on the origins of his mentorship with Anakin Skywalker.


This is a 3 hour movie edit of the Kenobi tv series. The goal was to improve Reva's character completely i.e. making her way more intimidating and menacing as an antagonist. Focusing more on Kenobi from the get go and removing his weakness at the start and giving both Kenobi and Vader more PTSD from their previous encounter. We've also included a bunch of new VFX shots, VOs and 20+ scores from various other Star Wars soundtracks. This movie now has one of the biggest plot twists since Empire strikes back.

Change List:

• Insert Fanedit warning • Insert MR logo • Add Disney Star Wars intro • Add new old ben Kenobi title Scene. • Remove Nostalgic prequel intro. While this was cool on the first watch, It doesn’t have much impact the second time • Remove Order 66 intro. While this is a good scene, it was obviously an intro to Reva. I was hoping to use it later in the edit and thankfully that happens. • Remove intro to inquisitors. I don’t even know where to start with this scene. There were so many things wrong with it that I just removed the whole thing. • Recolourgrade the entire edit to match the original trilogy colour palette. • Open with pan down to Desert Stingray and Kenobi at work. We’ve been waiting years to see Kenobi so just open with him. This also allows you to sink slowly into Ben’s life from the start. • Remove terrible mid wide shot of “worker” literally faking working. • Cut Jawa saying “You know, you really do stink” • Remove prequel flashback in Kenobi’s dream sequence. I could write a whole page on why I removed this but a lot of these don’t make sense. Removing them gives a more dramatic jumpcut nightmare feel. • Remove Luke intro scene. Ben watching Luke from afar makes no sense here. Removing it from this point and adding it later, after Owen warns Ben to stay away lifts Ben and Owens character roles to show they will always do what’s best for Luke. • Rearrange night shots with Ben and remove one day. This now shows that Ben’s PTSD night terrors have kept him awake all night. He’s now cleans and delivered Luke’s toy, meets the Jedi in the desert and goes to work without sleep. • Remove parts of the Jedi talking to Kenobi in the desert. Doing this makes the Jedi less familiar with Ben. • Remove Leia’s whole intro scene. While Leia in the tree was cute, this whole intro just felt like fanservice packed with memba berries. They should’ve shown Leia’s parents not allowing her out and being overbearing towards her, this would’ve given her more of an arc. • Make a cut before Fifth Brother walks in. • Add Inquisitors ship flyover, shadow and landing shots from the opening scene. We’re now comfortable in Kenobi’s world so it’s time to shake things up with the introduction of the antagonists. • Add Kenobi looking over. • Remove A LOT of Revas dialogue. She now doesn’t say a single word before cutting off the woman’s hand. This intro instantly gives Reva badass statue and the “show don’t tell” approach. • Cut Reva smiling continuity error. • Rearrange the villagers to help hide new dialogue arrangements. • Sharpen up the conversation between Owen and Reva. Having Reva comeback at Owen faster makes her more menacing. • Remove Reva screaming dialogue. Her being seen losing her cool ruins any tension built prior. • Rearrange Villager shots to create a pause after Revas threat. • Add orchestral stab as we cut back to Fifth Brothers reaction. • Extend the closeup to Kenobi’s reaction using time mapping. This also creates a longer pause for tension • Add Village background noise to 5.1 channels to create an uncomfortable silence and tension. • Remove Revas dialogue and answering back to Fifth Brother. In this edit he is clearly in charge and doesn’t take back chat. This not only shows dominance by the Fifth Brother at the start but helps Revas arc when climbing ranks. • Add Villager footage removed from earlier to create more uncomfortable silence. • Add Villager background noise to create tension. • Cut Revas cheesy “next time” line. *facepalm. • Remove talk in alleyway with Fifth Brother and Reva. Reva has followed orders in this edit so there is no need to show this “disagreement” • Perfect time to introduce Leia after wrapping the antagonist intro. • Add “Leia’s Theme” as we see her. • Remove weird look from Leia. I couldn’t quite tell what the direction for this shot was but removing it shows there is only animosity after her Cousin disrespects the Droid and not before. • Remove entire scene between Leia and Parents. This just shows bad parenting. Leia is royalty and was in the right here. She shouldn’t accept rudeness or disrespect. • Add Alderaan forest flyover to create a transition into Leia running away. • Add music over flyover to create seamless transition. • Trim terrible chase scene. While I could’ve trimmed more, I wanted to leave enough to show Leia’s agility without it seeming like a parody. • Add Luke’s introduction scene from earlier. This now fits perfectly as Kenobi is checking on the boy after seeing the Jedi hanging in the square. • Add “The Force Suite” track to introduce Luke. • Remove Bail saying “One last fight”. This line makes NO sense and just leaving it on “For Leia” should be enough. • Add traditional Star Wars circular transition. • Remove dialogue from ticket lady. • Remove cheesy Lightsaber flash. Kenobi would be stupid to do this IRL. It’s clearly fan service. • Remove credit outro. • Remove episode 2 intro. • Fix audio for seamless transition. • Add “The 501st Theme” track over beggar Clone trooper. • Remove super cool black kid scene. I loved this kid! He was one of the best actors in this show but he builds up to a scene I’ve now removed. • Cut entire “Fake Jedi” scene. I really liked the concept idea but I can’t stand the actor making it feel like a pantomime. • Speed ramp Kenobi’s fight with the two thugs. Doing this cuts down on the taller guy waiting to be hit and makes the scene more fluid. • Fix audio for above shot. • Fix the terrible stomach punch. Those few extra frames make it linger instead of feeling light a quick hit. • Remove weird pause and continuity error between Kenobi and Leia first meet. Kenobi stops but then keeps walking back in the following closeup shot. • Remove Reva saying “Where is he?” The whole team are off their face on Spice. Reva not knowing this makes her seem inexperienced with the drug, thus making her look stupid for asking the question. • Add Lip-sync VFX to stop Revas mouth from moving. • Add unused Star Wars footage from unused Lucas Film tv show pilot.. • Upscale above footage from 702p to 1080p • Add colourgrade to above footage. • Add film grain to above footage that matches Kenobi footage • Intercut new footage with Leia and Kenobi scenes to create tension. • Add Lion raw and Grizzly bear growl to Leia being scared. Without this Leia has nothing to be freaked out by. • Remove Reva saying “I brought Kenobi here” She shouldn’t be a position to talk back to her superiors at this stage. • Remove Leia’s snooty “Grand Daughter” comment. Please stop adding “awkward comedy” Disney! • Cut Leia’s awkward reaction. • Transition from new explosion footage into Kenobi to hide continuity error with his hood. • Remove Kenobi almost catching Leia. That’s the third time she’s in arms reach but no one catches her. WTF? • Remove all of Revas Parcor and wirework shots. • Remove Haja rooftop scene. • Trim out Kenobi shouting “Leia!” so many times. • Remove more Reva Parcor. • Time map Revas jump shot. • Trim down Leia’s jump. Kenobi still has powers in this edit so no need for the dramatics. • Remove original dramatic score. There is no need for the this fake emotion as Kenobi has force powers. • Add Kenobi several grunt sounds as he struggles to lift Leia • Add “The Ways of the Force” track. • Trim Haja meeting Kenobi. This is their first-time meeting so he shouldn’t know who he is at all. • Remove Haja and Reva meeting. Reva showing mind reading skills at this point makes her scene with Owen stupid. • Add “Anakin’s Dream” track over Kenobi talking about Padme. • Remove Reva suggesting Kenobi didn’t know Vader was alive. • Remove Reva mentioning Anakin Skywalker. Reva doesn’t know he’s Vader in this edit. • Remove Reva saying “We will destroy you!”. Please stop with the over dramatics. • Remove credit outro • Remove episode 3 intro • Add water draining from Vader Bacta tank shot from Rogue One. • Remove Reva mentioning Anakin Skywalker. • Add “Krenic’s Aspirations” track to Revas hologram with Vader. • Add “Anakin’s Dark Deeds” track to Kenobi’s vision • Remove Reva saying “Do it now!” She’s still punching above her station. NOPE! • Remove Kenobi’s dialogue about Tall. This is just an audience reminder that he said this in the last episode. STOP MAKING THE AUDIENCE STUPID! • Replace Kenobi’s dialogue to “We’ve been walking around for hours, Leia. No one is coming”. This shows they’ve been there more than 5 seconds before Kenobi gets frustrated. • Remove Leia saying “This is my frie… this is my father”. This shows her as building confidence in this scene. • Remove Stormtrooper saying “It’s a long way”. We don’t really get the impression of distance so this line feels odd. • Add new Trooper line “oh, come on! We all love a good story.” • Fix stupid gate scene. Kenobi has no reason to shoot the controls. They can just walk around it. STOP IT! • Add new Gate VFX shot. • Remove Tala “Come on!” line. Not opening with that adds to the confusion of the scene. • Cut Leia pulling out L0la shot. This just feels odd and slows down pacing • Remove Kenobi saying “It’s not your fault, Leia” It totally is her fault! • Add “hope” track over Vader entrance. • Add man screaming and choking sound fx • Add neck breaking sound fx • Add mother screaming “My baby!” • Add woman screaming and dragged sound fx • Add neck breaking sound fx • Fix above fx to match 5.1 channels • Add girl high pitch scream. • Tighten up the first encounter between Vader and Kenobi • Remove shots of Kenobi running away like a coward. No need for that in this edit. • Add “Clash of Lightsabers” track • Remove original stereo track to replace with soundtrack. • Remove Kenobi running away again. PLEASE STOP! • Remove Shot of Kenobi lost. This pacing is terrible. Get to the fight, already! • Remove Ilene looking at Nathan. Slight continuity error in Nathans head position. • Add “Anakin’s Dark Deeds” track • Fix soundtrack above accordingly to scenes.• Add Palatine, Padme and Kenobi flashback audio from S3E17 Clone Wars • Add Padme dialogue from ROTS. “I love you!” • Add Anakin dialogue from Clone Wars “I HATE you!” • Add Padme dialogue from ROTS. “Anakin, You’re a good person. Don’t do this.” • Trying to give Vader a reason for stopping during the confusing fire scene. • Add new Trooper dialogue “Sir, The Third Sister has located the girl”. This gives Vader an excuse to leave a situation that was now clearly causing him PTSD. • Add new VFX shot of Leia not turning her head to see the dead Pilot. This way Reva manipulates Leia into thinking she’s a friend. • Remove Credit outro • Remove title intro to episode 4. • Remove ALL Vader and Kenobi flashbacks from Bacta tank scene. Vader doesn’t have time to go back to a Bacta tank at this point as he’s on his way to kill Reva. • Add first shots from earlier to replace Vader’s flashbacks. • Fix audio after removing Vader’s flashbacks. • Time map after Kenobi saying “Where’s Leia?” • Add traditional Star Wars anti clockwise wipe transition. • Remove Leia’s interrogation with Reva • Remove Reva trying to read Leia’s mind. Reason same as earlier. • Remove Reva telling Leia “Obi-wan is dead” • Remove weird scene on Jabiim. People don’t change their minds that quickly. • Remove Leia torture. • Remove Leia’s rescuers • Remove Inquisitorious transitional shot. • Remove all of Leia being kidnapped for the second time. Absolute FILLER!! • Remove Tala’s awful Inquisitions entrance • Remove Kenobi swimming into Inquisitions • Remove Jedi frozen scene. • Remove Tala fight with Troopers. • Remove Tala and Kenobi “escape” • Remove shocking Wade death. Oh, NO! not Wade!!!! • Remove terrible shots of Reva up against a Snow Speeders weapons. PLEASE STOP! • Insert shot of ship delivering Leia. She is now safe and doesn’t need kidnapping again. • Add brand new VFX shots of Vader’s shuttle arriving at Inquisitorious. • Add Vader’s suite theme • Insert Tala and Kenobi on the ship. This shot is now them going to pick up Leia, unharmed. • Remove “WADE’S DEAD! Scene. WTF is Wade?? • Add brand new VFX shots of Vader’s shuttle landing at Inquisitorious. • Cut to Vader arriving to choke out Reva. • Remove Fifth Brothers reaction shot and dialogue. This doesn’t happen in this edit. • Transition Vader’s dialogue to sync with his aggression. • Cut to Leia on ship safe and holding Kenobi’s hand. • Add fade to black • Add Palpatine cameo shot. This now shows Vader is holding back but Palpatine has sensed Vader’s PTSD flashes of Padme and his past which allowed Kenobi to escape. • Remove Credit outro • Remove Episode 5 intro • Add de-aged footage to Anakin • Add edge blur to make the flashback scenes more dreamy. • Remove Kenobi meeting Haja. He still doesn’t really know who he is yet. • Cut boring exposition about the “old trade root” • Add “Vader’s theme” track over him looking into hyperspace. • Cut L0la opening a door. HOW??? • Cut Reva saying “Fire!” terrible delivery of that line. • Cut Reva saying “Light ‘em up!” MAKE IT STOP! • Fix music transition • Remove Bails message. HE WOULDN’T DO THAT! • Add new VFX to Pager. This now gets the audience asking what the message could be? Instead of spoon feeding them every bit of information. • Remove awful shaky closeup on Reva. • Add mind reading sound fx from Force Awakens. This now shows that Kenobi is in Revas mind. • Remove Kenobi saying “you knew who he was” Reva doesn’t know Vader is Anakin in this edit. • Add confused reaction from Reva as Kenobi tells her “Anakin IS Vader!”. This makes for a HUGE plot twist. Reva joined the Sith because she saw a Jedi killing younglings. She sees the Jedi as evil and is hunting Anakin. This information that he is actually Vader shocks her entire world and existence in this moment. • Add fade to white • Add opening Order 66 intro from earlier. This now shows us what Kenobi saw when he read her mind. • Add fade to white • Transition in to current Order 66 footage. • Remove Kenobi saying “you’re not serving him. You’re hunting him” While this is a great line, it now makes no sense in this edit. • Remove Haja saying “He said it was a red breaker” HE’S JUST SO ANNOYING! • Cut Haja saying “Leia are you close”. Having the pause builds tension and shows Leia is still paying attention to everything around her. • Add de-aged footage to Anakin’s flashback. • Remove Kenobi hold Lightsaber to the floor. IT’S A LIGHTSABER! It would cut through the floor or at least make a mark. *facepalm • Add de-aged footage to Anakin’s flashback • Reposition final flashback battle to just after Kenobi saying “let’s get to the transport”. This helps slow down Vader’s attack and helps with pacing. • Add de-aged footage to Anakin’s flashback. • Trim out Vader pulling down first ship. • Add “Anakin’s Betrayal” track • Add people screaming sound fx. This shows people are scared and Vader is feeding of that fear. • Insert Reva behind Vader from later on • Add 4k closeup of ship flying away. There is no second ship in this edit. Reva is the reason Kenobi escapes. He helping him shows she finally believed what he told her about Anakin, giving her the strength to turn on her Master. • Add closeup shot of Vader • Add new VFX shot a Reva’s Lightsaber reflecting in Vader’s eyes as “Anakin’s Betrayal” track plays. • Remove shots of Vader ripping the ship apart. I loved these shots but there wasn’t a way of keeping them without keeping the second ship. GUTTED! • Remove all shots of crashed ship in the background of fight scenes • Retime the fight scene to fit new score. • Transition from “Anakin’s Betrayal” to “Anakin’s Dark Deeds”. • Transition back into “Anakin’s Betrayal” as GI entrance. • Cut shot of crashed ship from wide shot of Revas death. • Add “Anakin’s Betrayal” over Kenobi having a funny feeling about this. • Remove Credit outro • Remove Episode 5 intro • Remove Reva on Tatooine opening shot. • Transition ship battle sounds over Luke dreaming. This makes for a cool transition as it shows Luke dreaming of becoming a Pilot, while at the same time fading into an actual battle. • Remove Star Destroyer shots. This allows us to not be dropped into the middle of the battle but allows the fear to grow. • Cut straight to Kenobi closeup of the ship being attacked. • Insert Star Destroyer shot from earlier. This now shows the real threat and gives the audience new insight as the battle progresses. • Insert Vader saying “Increase fire power”. This now shows a bigger threat after Kenobi was told the hyperdrive is out. This ups the intensity of the chase instead of just showing everything from the start. • From the ship getting hit, Cut to Leia and Kenobi having a fight. This shows the build of anxiety within the ship. • Trim Haja and Kenobi’s interaction after Leia’s strop. The shows editing is awful here so I’ve tried to fix it. • Trim out Haja’s dialogue about being a fake jedi. He’s not in this cut. • Add Introduction to Luke and Owen entering shop. • Cut straight to Beru at the homestead. This keeps the intensity of this scene building. We still don’t know what the threat is at this point. • Insert Tusken sounds in the distance. • Insert Tusken footage • Insert Tusken Scout footage. • Remove all mention of Reva from the Homestead dialogue. • Add Tusken sound fx in the background. • Cut Kenobi saying “but you won’t always be” creepy old man vibes. • Cut Kenobi’s talk with Qui-Wan. This doesn’t sit right with me. • Remove GI dialogue about not following one small ship. They stay on course in this edit. • Add Vader saying “Have my ship prepared!” Insert taken from Rebels • Remove wide shots of the Star Destroyer turning to chase Kenobi. They stay on course all the way in this edit. • This also creates a seamless transition for Vader saying “I will face him alone!” NICE! • Add traditional Star Wars wipe transition • Insert wide night shot of the homestead. • Insert Owen talking to Luke about the Tusken attack. • Remove Homestead shot of Tuskens breaking the parameter, • Cut to Vader’s shuttle shot • Edit Battle sequence into one long fight. • Add “Obi-wan vs Vader Theme” by Samuel Kim • Trim continuity errors during fight. • Remove all shots of Reva attacking the Homestead. It’s the Tuskens job in this edit. • Insert Tusken Scout shot at night • Insert Tusken attack footage. (various shots used from TBOBF, Mando and OT • Add Tusken sound fx • Transition score between new footage and Owen shooting. • Colourgrade all new Tusken shots to match night shots. • Add new Tusken VFX gun shots, flashed and nighttime kill shots. • Transition from Luke running away to Kenobi buried. • Continue Samuel Kim soundtrack over fight sequence recommencing. • Use wide drone shot of the battle from earlier to hide continuity error in fight. • Trim down fight sequence to match score timing. • Add shots of Luke running in the mountains • Add Tusken dogs chasing Luke • Add Tusken scream sound • Add Lightsaber ignition sound • Add Tusken dog turning its head. • Add swinging Saber sound fx • Add dog yelping sound fx • Add Luke falling after hearing dogs scream. • Add more lightsabre swinging sounds • Cut to Kenobi on the ship sensing Luke is in danger. • Add dog yelps to Reva’s closeup. This shows she’s just slaughtered every dog and Tusken • Light all-night scenes from this point on. The original is SO dark you can only see what’s happening if you watch it in a blacked out room. • Add “A New Hope End Credits Theme” as new outro • Add Movies Remastered crew credits. • Add MR logo outro • Add Disney+ Lightsaber outro

Additional Notes:

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Special Thanks:

Thanks to Kegemd and the MR Discord Community. Special thanks to Joe Colburn (Voice Kenobi), JXEditor & Star Wars Story (Voice Stormtroopers), Samual Kim (Music), JXEditor, Yusi D Jordan, Darth Porg & PixelJoker95 (VFX), Skenera, AcBagel (Colourgrade), Joshieboy_Clark (Poster design)

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