Star Wars: Andor: Chapter I - The Reckoning

Updated: 17th May 2024

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Faneditor: MoviesRemastered  
Fanedit Type: TV-to-Movie
Fanedit Release Date: 22nd March 2023
Fanedit Runtime: 2h:26m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:31m:0s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Franchise: Star Wars
Genre: ActionAdventureFantasySci-Fi
Original Title: Star Wars: Andor (2022)   
Original Release Date: 21st September 2022
Original Runtime: 2h:57m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: 12A
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English
Subtitles: No


Andor is a thrilling and action-packed Star Wars movie trilogy that delves into the early life of Cassian Andor, a rebel spy introduced in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Cassian embarks on a dangerous mission to uncover a hidden Imperial weapon cache, encountering old allies and enemies along the way. Cassian joins forces with a group of rebels to steal crucial information from an Imperial stronghold, testing his loyalty and resolve. Cassian then has to confront a shocking betrayal within the ranks of the Rebellion, forcing him to question who he can trust. Cassian journeys to an underworld city to forge an alliance with a notorious crime lord, gaining vital resources for the Rebel cause. Finally, Cassian embarks on a covert mission behind enemy lines to sabotage an Imperial operation, facing intense danger and personal sacrifice to protect the Rebellion. With each movie, Andor unravels a captivating story of espionage, sacrifice, and the desperate struggle against the oppressive Empire.


Unpopular opinion but I couldn’t get through this series. It felt overly bloated and swayed way off track with subplots, to a point where it didn’t feel like a Cassian show at all. It was more like a Syril Karn eats with his mother story which baffled me. This edit now focuses on Cassian’s story from the start, cuts out all the fluff and creates an incredibly emotional journey with our main protagonist. I may be bias but this is now some of my favorite Star Wars ever made, and that’s coming from someone who said they’d never bother with this series again. This is now a linear movie trilogy….

Change List:

• Insert Fanedit warning • Add a new Old Ben Kenobi trailer. • Insert Intro MR logo • Add “A Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” • Open with first flashback scenes from Kenari. Using these flashback scenes at the start not only opens us up to a more interesting story but gives us background straight away for we become more invested in the characters. Especially why Cassian is looking for his sister. • While the show says that Kenari is a lost language with translation, I felt the scenes had more weight by giving the kids subtitles, especially as we now hear Cassian's final words to his sister. • Add Kenari Sister Subtitles “Kassa!” • Add Kenari Sister Subtitles “There’s a ship…. Come look!” • Add Kenari Girl Subtitles “Over there!” • Add Kenari Cassian Subtitles “I can’t see it” • Add Kenari Girl Subtitles “Hey, Hey! Over here! Over here! • Add Kenari other Girl Subtitles “Stop it! Stop it!” • Add Kenari Sister Subtitles “I’m scared.” • Insert second flashback scene • Fix audio transition to blend with scene • Add Kenari Girl Subtitles “Here, you’ll need these.” • Add Kenari Cassian Subtitles “You can’t come, You’re too young.” • Add Kenari Sister Subtitles “But I want to” • Add Kenari Cassian Subtitles “When you’re older…. I promise” • Add Kenari other Girl Subtitles “You’ll need this.” • Add Kenari tribe boy Subtitles “Don’t touch that! It’s not for you.” • Add Kenari other Girl Subtitles “Hey! It’s everyone’s. Help yourself.” • Add Kenari Girl Subtitles “We must all stick together.” • Add Kenari other Girl Subtitles “Help yourself. Pass me my weapon.” • Insert third flashback scene • Fix audio transition to blend with scene • Add Kenari Sister Subtitles “How long will you be gone?” • Add Kenari Cassian Subtitles “As long as it takes. I’ll come back.” • Insert forth flashback scene • Fix audio transitions to blend with the scene and extend musical queue to build tension. • Insert fifth flashback scene • Fix audio transition to blend with scene • Add Kenari other Girl Subtitles “Stay low, and quiet. Wait for my signal.” • Insert sixth flashback scene • Fix audio transition to blend with scene • Add Kenari Cassian Subtitles “Give her space, she needs to breathe.” • Add Kenari Girl Subtitles “She’s dying!” • Insert seventh flashback scene • Fix audio transition to blend with scene • Insert eighth flashback scene • Fix audio transition to blend with scene • Rework audio to suit the scene of Cassian screaming with his back turned. • Add Andor intro logo • Add “Chapter I – The Reckoning” • Fix audio transition leading into logo scene • Speed up Cassian’s punch by 60%. While this is a nitpick, the punch seems very staged and took me out of the scene. Speeding it up gives it more weight and harder hit. • Speed up punch sound but maintain pitch • A whole lot of audio reworking as B enters Cassian’s place. • Remove Cassian sleeping that would usually go into one of the flashback scenes already used in the intro. • Shift around both Cassian and B’s dialogue to hide scene removal • Remove Cassian hitting B. I thought this was unnecessary and change the relationship adding droid abuse to the scene • Remove random B-roll of Gloves wall. It’s almost like the props team were so proud of their work that they had to slow down the pacing just to marvel at their work. • Fix score transition to hide above cut scene. • Remove the intro shot to Morlana One. This whole scene just felt like a huge exposition dump that went on forever! • Remove Cassian walking into the front door of the garage. • Remove Timm saying “She’s in the yard” again, this just slowed pacing. • Add background noise to hide the transition edit above. • Add transition cut where flashback scene used to be • Remove the Syril Karn scene. I’ve removed this character from the entire edit from here as I feel he added no weight or direction to the main story. • Trim down scene with Timm following Bix. This felt like it went on too long and him now losing her quicker shows she is smart. • Remove shots of Timm looking felt and right and confused. Just having him look one way speeds this scene up and keeps a natural flow. • Remove the Syril Karn scene. I don’t wanna see the inner workings of the empire fleshed out. Keeping them mysterious is the whole point of being on the dark side. • Fix score transition leading into Yard scene • Fix audio transition where flashback scene has been removed for intro. • Remove outro credits for episode 1 • Remove intro credits for episode 2 • Flashback scene removed for intro • Cut to the bell ringing dude. • Remove motion tracked English screen translation. We’ve never seen this in Star Wars before and they literally translate it in the next scene. Fairly pointless, imo. • Remove the bar scene between Cassian and Bix. We don’t really learn anything here and Timm seeing Cassian touch her arm shouldn’t be enough for him to snitch on Cassian. • Remove the scene of Timm snitching on Cassian. The audience finding out who it was at this stage spoils any mystery moving forward. Now we find out when Cassian finds out who snitched. • Remove the Syril Karn scene. Another pointless scene that ruins the mystery. • Remove shot of Timm looking shady. This now gives the audience too big of a clue who snitched so removing this just shows that he is nervous about seeing Bix after his doubts. • Remove the Syril Karn scene. More pointless dialogue that makes the show drag. • Fix transition where flashback scene has been removed. • Fix audio transition leading into Luthen intro • Remove the second shot of the Bell tower guy. While he’s awesome, this scene felt oddly paced. • Fix audio so bell sound now wakes Bix. • Remove scene between Cassian and B getting com’s. This just feels a little unnecessary and drawn out. We don’t really learn much in this scene, it just feels like filler. • Fix audio for Maarva shouting “B!”. removing the above scene now has the audience wondering where B is rather than already knowing. • Fix audio transition to hide where another flashback scene has been removed • Remove Syril Karn awkward speech scene. Just cut after the filing paperwork comment. • Remove the transport scene with Luthen talking to old man. While I like this scene, it really draws you out of the suspense now building in this edit. • Remove the dramatic walking shot of Cassian strutting through the yard. While this was cool for an episode outro, it doesn’t work here. • Remove dramatic score • Remove episode 2 outro credits • Remove episode 3 intro credits • Fix audio transition to hide remove flashback scene for intro. • Remove score and Cassian scream from shipyard scene • Add Spark, Welding and Electronic SFX to rebuild 5.1 audio in transition • Remove Syril Karn awkward scene. • Remove Syril Karn nervous looking scene. • Fix music transition leading into the scene with B. • Trim down Syril Karn nervous looking scenes. Why are we on him so much? Emotion feels oddly forced • Fix audio transition on landing shot. • Remove Luthen weapon detraction. While this is an awesome look at his weapon, it feels like an oddly placed scene and action. • Cut to metal yard scene and fix audio transition • Fix audio transition to hide flashback scene removal • Remove Syril Karn asking how far? About a 10 minute walk. Random bit of information that drags out the scene. • Fix audio transition leading into Cassian meeting Luthen. • Remove Syril Karn shooting up the store and looking for a hiding place. • Fix score transition into scene with B • Remove Syril Karn looking awkward again • Remove episode 3 outro credits • Remove episode 4 intro credits • Remove score intro music • Cut straight to ship pan shot for a jump scare. • Cut LotR type shot of Vel walking towards the ship • Remove Vel saying “Obviously there’s something wrong?” • Remove Luthen’s reply • Remove Cassian walking out of ship, wide shot to help with transition scene after next cut. • Remove Syril Karn being reprimanded and fired. His character isn’t important in this edit and no reason for this pointless storyline to continue moving forward. • Fix score audio transition leading into mountain walk shot. • Remove Vel saying “They won’t be back today.” No reason to stop the audience anxiety building up with another possible tie fighter flyby, plus I use a Tie sound to cover audio transition later. • Cut back and forth with Cassian and Vel. Just cut to Cassian looking over his shoulder for the tie fighter. • Some audio wizardry to remove Cassian and Vel’s dialogue • Remove scene with Dedra, this is clearly just an episode recap scene put in to allow casual viewers to keep up. • Fix score transition audio • Remove Syril Karn going home to his mother. Seriously, Is this actually in a star wars show? • Use Tie fighter sound for seamless transition • Remove Vel saying “Ok?... Alright?” She’s a leader, people should act on her first word without question. Her being unsure at this point shows weakness. • Remove scene between Dedra and Blevin. This back and forth to the empire just beaks any momentum building with our protagonists. • Remove outro credits to episode 4 • Remove intro credits to episode 5 • Remove Syril Karn crying scene • Remove Syril Karn having breakfast with his mother. Honestly, WTF am I watching here? • Remove scene between Cassian and Arvel. While this is a good scene, removing this pushes that actual edit transitions narrative way harder. • Remove Mon mothma scene with her stroppy daughter. I want to make her seem more innocent when it comes to the inappropriate proposal for her to marry. • Cut to Cassian sitting by the fire. This edit now shows that Cassian has sat up all night learning his mission. Showing his dedication to the cause. • Remove scene with Blevin looking for new office space. This felt like a very odd scene to having after camp. • Remove Syril Karn eating with his mother again and talking about his uncle. Who cares? This completely pump the breaks on any suspense built up in the previous scenes. Such a pointless character. • Fix score and add all the delay and reverb for a smooth transition. • Remove scene with Arvel halfing a knife to Cassian and taking his krystal. Fairly pointless scene that slows down pacing and leads nowhere. • Fix audio score leading into Mon Mothma scene. Keeping tension high by cutting to this shot. • Remove another pointless Syril Karn scene. • Fix score audio transition • Add Movies Remastered outro credit text. • Add MR logo to end credits. • Add MR Disney Saber logo to end credits.

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