Star Wars: Andor: Chapter II - The Retribution

Updated: 17th May 2024

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Faneditor: MoviesRemastered  
Fanedit Type: TV-to-Movie
Fanedit Release Date: 23rd May 2023
Fanedit Runtime: 2h:40m:14s
Time Cut: 0h:56m:9s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Franchise: Star Wars
Genre: ActionAdventureFantasySci-Fi
Original Title: Star Wars: Andor (2022)   
Original Release Date: 21st September 2022
Original Runtime: 3h:34m:5s
Original Links:

Certificate: 12A
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English
Subtitles: No


Cassian Andor and his team delve deeper into their mission to uncover the truth behind the Empire's secret project. With time running out, they must navigate treacherous paths, face dangerous adversaries, and make difficult choices that will have far-reaching consequences. As the noose tightens around them, alliances are tested, and unexpected revelations threaten to shatter their resolve. With lives hanging in the balance, they must outwit Imperial forces, confront personal demons, and confront the dark underbelly of the Rebellion itself. As the lines between friend and foe blur, Cassian discovers shocking truths that will forever alter his perception of the galaxy's struggle for freedom.


Unpopular opinion but I couldn’t get through this series. It felt overly bloated and swayed way off track with subplots, to a point where it didn’t feel like a Cassian show at all. It was more like a Syril Karn eats Cereal with his mother story which baffled me. This edit now focuses on Cassian’s story from the start, cuts out all the fluff and creates an incredibly emotional journey with our main protagonist. I may be bias but this is now some of my favorite Star Wars ever made, and that’s coming from someone who said they’d never bother with this series again. This is now a linear Spy thriller movie trilogy….

Change List:

• Insert Fanedit warning • Insert Intro MR logo • Add “A Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” • Add S01E06 Intro • Add “Chapter II – The Retribution” • Animate text above to sync with inro card. • Remove entire Imperial family getting dressed scene. While it does flesh out the relationships and give a little insight into the more human side of the empire, I felt it a slightly oddly places scene, weirdly acted and unnecessary in the overall edit. • Content fill & crop original subtitle text and replace it with a more Star Wars classic font and colour. • Remove wide shot of a 4 protagonist soldiers. I’m not sure what’s happening here but it looks like Karis Nemik is trying not to laugh and it just doesn’t suit the mood of the scene. • Remove “Squad hult” and following scene where Arvel accidently hits Taramyn with the gun. I can’t believe this was the best take, and it shows them as amateurs if anyone was paying close attention, thus blowing their cover. • Remove “Everybody ready” and the following skin exposition. Yet another filler scene that breaks any tension being built between the other storylines. • Crop original subtitle text and replace it with a more Star Wars classic font and colour. • Crop original subtitle text and replace it with a more Star Wars classic font and colour. • Add “This is their offering!”. Including this line shows they are not being fooled by the empire and shows disrespect by them burning a gift. • Add “This is our Valley, forever our Valley”. Again, to show they are willing to fight for what is theirs. • Remove the “Tell me you’ll be already”. This lesbian subtext is only ever shoehorned in when the plot feels like it and no chemistry is ever built between these two characters so Ive removed it completely. • Add “This is our Valley, forever our Valley”. • Add “This is our Valley, forever our Valley”. Again, to show they are willing to fight for what is theirs. • Extend S01E06 outro music to lead into the following scene • Remove outro credit text • Overlay radio message with score and fade out accordingly • Remove Cereal Syrils intro to work scene. He’s no longer important to this edit and this pointless scene just drags out too long. • Fix score by adding reverb and echo to fade out into following scene. • Fade in background station sounds for a J cut audio. • Add reverb and delay to Cassian shouting “Wait” • Hard cut to black • Remove outro credit text • Remove S01E08 intro credit • Fade in audio after intro score. • Hard cut in for “Get in line” • Remove another boring day following Syril at work scene. • Cut straight on with poisoner boarding the ship. • Fix weird audio edit in original • Remove Syril being interrogated • Cut to opening shot of Narkina 5. This helps to maintain tension and pacing. • Fix audio score transition • Remove another pointless Syril interrogated scene • Cut to Cassian being signed in to keep tension and pacing high. • Fix audio transition • Remove weird shot of the prisoner staring at Cassian. This makes it too obvious of what’s going to happen later. Also, by removing this, it shows Cassian is being ignored by everyone and the following show of Cassian standing alone in the hallway also shows this in subtext. • Fix audio score transition • Remove interaction between Vel and Cinta. Yet another pointless scene to show “a lovers tiff” during a tense time. This just shows weakness between our strong female characters and ruins their mysticism. This scene plays out much better with just Vel spying on Bix. • Rearrange Bix scene • Rearrange audio from Bix and Brasso’s conversation • Remove Vel and Cinta holding hands • Fix score transition • Remove shot of Vel being sad on the transport. Again, showing weakness in a time for strength. • Cut to Cinta in her hide out. • Fix score transition • Remove scene of everyone building parts between Bix being captured. Nothing is really added by this scene and it keeps the tension high removing it. • Remove outro credits S01E08 • Remove intro credits to S01E09 • Hard cut straight into Bix interrogation scene. Keeping tension high. • Fix score transition • Add reverb and delay to score for transition • Remove another Cereal Syril scene with his mother. • Remove another pointless scene of everyone building parts. • Cut to dinner table scene on Coruscant • Fix audio score transition. • Remove scene of Syril stalking Debra. This interaction is pointless for this edit. • Cut to Debra walking into work • Fix audio score transition • Add “Feature edit by Movies Remastered” • Add Movies Remastered outro credit text. • Add MR logo to end credits. • Add MR Disney Saber logo to end credits.

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