Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Chapter II

Updated: 3rd May 2024

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Faneditor: MoviesRemastered
Fanedit Type: TV-to-Movie
Fanedit Release Date: 11th April 2023
Fanedit Runtime: 2h:20m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:18m:0s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Franchise: Star Wars
Genre: ActionAdventureFantasySci-Fi
Original Title: Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Season 1 (2019)  
Original Release Date: 1st January 2019
Original Runtime: 2h:38m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: 12A
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English
Subtitles: No


The Mandalorian receives a message from Greef Karga, the leader of the bounty hunter guild on Nevarro. Karga offers a deal: if the Mandalorian helps him eliminate an Imperial remnant on Nevarro, Karga will ensure the Mandalorian's safety and remove the bounty on his head. The Mandalorian agrees but recruits Cara Dune and Kuiil to assist him. They return to Nevarro, where they discover that Karga intends to betray and kill them. With the help of Kuiil, the Mandalorian and his allies escape and go into hiding.


The goal was to strengthen Grogu and Din’s bond but also fleshing out the situation the Din has to sacrifice. Showing he has given up any attachment to love for his creed. Again, I also wanted to show Grogu learning from his quests and give him a larger arch.

Change List:

Add fanedit warning Add MR trailer Add MR intro Ep.6 • Add Church echo/reverb to intro music to give a smoother transition • Remove Burg saying “Tiny”. This is the second time he’s referred to Din’s height and wasn’t funny the first time. • Cut to Close-up on Din • Overly Burg laughing • Add “A long time ago.…” graphic • Add “A STAR WARS STORY” to Title Card • Add “Chapter II – The Quandary” to Title Card • Fix Mayfeld lip-sync issue in the original • Extend graphic footage by 19% to hide lip-sync edit • Extend audio to allow above graphic • Fix weird graphic noise around the lights on the CCTV footage. • Fix Qin lip-sync issue in original • Remove end credits Ep.7 • Remove Title intro • Insert Razorcrest coming out of hyperspace from Ep.4 • Flap footage to allow directional continuity for the Razorcrest. • Insert Razorcrest flying over the Village from Ep.4 • Continue Ep.4 footage until Din and Grogu walking in the bar before meeting Cara Dune. • Add footage of the Cara Dune fight from Ep.7. It felt like too many back and forths with the original show so this way we only visit this planet once and meet Cara Dune once. • Insert Shot of Din seating Grogu from Ep.4 • Remove bar keep scene from Ep.4 with Din ordering Bone Broth. • Add crowd sounds to hide scene change. This way the crowd doesn’t just disappear but fades out slowly. • Cut to Cara pouring Spotchka from Ep.7 to make this look like one continuous scene. • Add downward linear wipe from scene transition • Insert Moth flying around light from Ep.4 • Fix audio transition to be smoother. • Remove scene with Farmers helping Din unload gear • Remove scene with Din paying of Cara for “Round 2” around the fire. She’s already in that stage to technically this is round 1. • Fix hard cut on original and allow a smoother audio transition. • Remove the whole “last I checked it’s a pretty good deal” speech from Din. Cara doesn’t need convincing as the previous scene already showed “She’s in!” • Insert scene of Din settling in and inter turning up. • Merge both the Din settle in scenes to make it seem like it’s one continuous scene. • Remove scene of Din acknowledging Winter when she says “thank you”. This way shows • • Din isn’t bothered about building bonds or ties with the Villagers. He’s just there for the job. • Remove Winter leaving. • Insert Winter running up to her Mum • Remove Din and Cara walking on the woods. (Use this later) • Insert overhead village shot to give smooth transition. • Insert Ep.4 village opening scene to show time passing and world building for these people and the place out team have settled in. • Remove shot of kid laying football. I’m not sure why but this just felt odd to me as he’s just playing by himself? • Remove scene of Winter chasing the from and every from here on with opening scene. • Cut back to Grogu chasing the frog in a much later scene to show scene continuity • Add frog sounds for transition. • Remove Din saying “We caused some Hell here a few weeks back. This scene is now before the action. I’m creating more ambience and reason for Din to want to leave Grogu in such a nice peaceful village. • Cut to Grogu playing with the kids and having fun. This show Din that Grogu could be happy here which helps him make up his mind for leaving him behind. • Remove the forced attraction between female villager and Din. This felt fever odd and even more so now I’ve changed the timing of this scene. • Remove dialogue “you and your boy could have a good life”. She’s coming on way too strong at this stage in the edit. • Insert Din saying “I don’t belong here but he does”. This way he’s making it very clear it’s all about Grogu and not him. Showing a slight character arc from Din being so cold up until now. • Insert Din and Cara walking in the Woods from earlier. This now draws out this scene as they try to track down who else was with the Bounty hunter that tried to shoot Grogu. • Having them find the “Walker” much later in the scene delays the treat and adds more weight at this point of the story. • Remove Din saying “Bad news, you can’t live here anymore” and following scenes after. • Remove Cara lecturing the villagers about not telling them about the AT-ST. I’ve removed this for two reasons. 1) I removed that opening battle so the villagers didn’t know at this point, this also allows the audience to find out as out protagonists do. 2) Our team took on the job and the defeatist attitude isn’t heroic. • Cut to Din saying “bad news, you got two problems here…” from later scene. Removing those scenes above now shows that Din is willing to think on his feet and his word is his honor, no matter the task. • Remove the second time Din says “Get down!”. • Add the second “get down!” over Omera poking her head up. Using the more aggressive “Get down!” from Din shows he’s now showing more protective feeling towards her. Where there was no warning or emotion before. • Cut to our team leaving. Footage after the battle was already used to build up the tone and tension of the final scene so cutting straight to them leaving now shows that Grogu wouldn’t be safe there. • Remove Cara saying “Are you sure you don’t want an escort?”. Cara is now staying with our team. • Remove Din saying “I appreciate the offer…” same as above. • Retime Din saying “We’re gonna bypass the next town and head right for the Razorcrest. This is now explaining to Cara what the next move for them is, instead of giving her an excuse to leave. • Remove Cara’s goodbye. Obviously, show’s not leaving alone now. • Cut to Winter running up to Grogu. In this edit she is now reacting to Din saying they’re all about to leave. We’ve now stayed with this scene much longer so the final goodbye holds more weight. • Add Ai dialogue of Din saying “Thank you! I appreciate you looking after us these past few months” Also, while the correct term would be “these past few months” Din has a habit of not talking correctly. Plus Din just nods in the original and it feels a little shitty for him not to at least thank Omera for her hospitality. • Cut to Razorcrest space scene from Ep.7 after Din packs up the truck in Ep.4 • Add linear transition wipe. • Remove Greff saying “So this is how it happens”. After being attacked. • Remove Cara saying “Don’t be so dramatic”. • Fix audio transition to hide dialogue removal. • Retime Cara saying “I need another Med pack” • Remove Greef saying “he’s trying to eat me”. I think this is the worse line ever written for this show up until this point. Not only does it make Greef sound pathetic and weak but it’s also clear Grogu isn’t trying to eat him. • Fix music transition. • Remove Ap-5 droid falling over continuity error. • Fade to black • Remove credits • Continue music score through transition Ep.8 • Remove intro • Dip to black to fade in new episode • Cut scene after Trooper announces Moff has taken out a bunch of them already. I love the casual tone of these scene but the slapstick comedy kind of goes on too long in places and delay IG-11 arrival. • Cut to Moff and trooper silent scene to build tension. Remove Moof giving them “until nightfall”. There’s absolutely ZERO reason why he’s delaying the attack and just seems pointless to give them extra time to escape. • Fix music score transition • Add reverb and adjust last note on score timing by 80% • Add fade out to score • Add scene of Troopers target practice. (I originally removed this scene but it’s growing on me) • Fix 3rd blaster audio issue. There’s a blaster shot but no sound on the original. • Retime the scene where the left trooper asks to see Grogu straight after shooting practice. • Retime right Trooper rely to cut the back and forth. • Add wind sound to hide dialogue changes. • Insert IG-11 arrival scene. Delaying this builds more tension. • Remove title card • Cut to Din saying “nothing”. He’s still trying to reach Kuiil • Remove shot of Greef taking a comical shot of Spotchka. This breaks the great tension with a joke? No, Keep the tension building in the scene. • Add Wilhelm scream to trooper being taken out by IG-11 • Add linear wipe transition in the same direction as IG-11 lifting Din’s helmet. There is a clear way to hide the pointless face reveal currently. All face reveals are removed in these edits until the Season 2 finale. • Add Din saying “He’s got the high ground”. I thought this would be a great callback as we’re in the Lava planes, much like Mustafa. • Remove all of IG-11 dialogue explaining what’s about to happen. This is stupid and would give all the Troopers enough time to run. Trimming this scene gives both the audience and the troopers a surprise. • Remove Greef talking about “…the baby doing the magic hand thing”. This is another stupidly timed joke that breaks tension. • Fix audio transition in credits • Add “Feature edited by Movies Remastered” to credits • Cut Mando face from credits • Add MR outro logo • Add MR Disney Saber logo

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