Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Chapter I

Updated: 3rd May 2024

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Faneditor: MoviesRemastered
Fanedit Type: TV-to-Movie
Fanedit Release Date: 9th March 2023
Fanedit Runtime: 2h:5m:0s
Time Cut: 1h:2m:0s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Franchise: Star Wars
Genre: ActionAdventureFantasySci-Fi
Original Title: Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Season 1 (2019)  
Original Release Date: 1st January 2019
Original Runtime: 3h:7m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: 12A
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English
Subtitles: No


The Mandalorian, a skilled bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, is hired by a mysterious client to retrieve a valuable asset. The Mandalorian tracks down the target to a remote planet, where he encounters a group of hostile mercenaries. After a thrilling battle, he successfully captures the asset, which turns out to be a small, adorable creature from the same species as the legendary Jedi, Yoda.


The goal was to give Grogu and Din’s relationship more of and arch and have Grogu learn more from his experiences. I also cut down a lot of Peli Motto’s annoying dialogue and “jokes”.

Change List:

Add fanedit warning Add MR trailer Add MR intro Change colourgrade for entire edit to match OT palette Ep.1 Add “A long time ago.…” graphic Add “A STAR WARS STORY” to Title Card Add “Chapter I – The Asset” to Title Card Extend audio to allow above graphic Trim Mando in ships shots 21:35 Cut Blurrg bum and bad CGI shots 27:25 Trim audio to fit edit cut Extend breaking down door scene by 20% to feel more real between shots Remove end credits Ep.2 Remove intro credits Remove title card Dip to black for transition Add Basket closing clip in reverse to have it open for scene transition Extend audio to fit new shot. Add light speed jump VFX shot at end (use end of Ep.3) Add Auditorium Reverb to outro music for smoother transition Remove credits Ep.3 Remove intro Remove title card Fix transition audio Add linear wipe for transition Remove Armorer saying “…for they are rare” Whistling birds aren’t rare, she can make more and Mando uses them throughout the series. Flip Ship flying out to left instead of right on planet pan shot Change audio panning from right to left Remove credits Ep.4 Remove intro Use Grogu flicking switch Flip ship direction for continuity Remove lines and scenes mention Sorgan Cut all remaining scene for later Remove title card Remove credits Ep.5 Remove intro Remove opening fight. While this was cool. I felt the “That’s my line” was a little corny. Cut to fuel leak at the back of ship. This now means it’s Grogu’s fault they’re in trouble. Not from the dogfight, also showing that Grogu is a problem to Mando and things aren’t going smoothly, thus giving our two main characters a larger arc. Cut to Grogu laughing. This now shows he finds it funny at the fact he’s now broken the ship. Remove title card Flip Ship clip to match direction for continuity Remove “Let’s look at your ship”. No mouth movement was present in original and the awkward silence now adds to the scene. Remove "If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were in a shoot-out" 4:50. They no longer have that shoot-out. Remove “What do you guys think?” Add Mando close up shot to hide the dialogue cut. Cut whole poker scene 6:10. I felt this scene ruined the mystery of Din returning without Grogu being there. Add Auditorium reverb to fix transition audio Extend Mando walking out of scene to cover dialogue removal in next scene. Cut "I'm awake" 10:56 Cut straight to Mando screaming at the Droid Cut “You can’t just leave a child all alone like that!” Cut “you know…” Cut awkwardly flirtish “Aaanywaaay!” Cut Awkward back and forth look. Not sure why they hung on this shot for so long. Extend blackout transition Cut "you have a lot to learn" 11:11 Cut "anyway" just after Cut bad acting after "mouth to feed" Use "they" 14:33 Cut "wait, I don’t wear any Beskar" 16:40 fix lip sync error in original Use "got the high ground" 16:58 Cut "that Mando?" 23:40 Cut “Like I said, you don’t see many” Use audio from the book of Boba Fett S01E04 scene as the use of Spurs was just to have people guess who it was. No spurs are present on Boba’s suit so that sound effect does make sense. Fix audio transition in credits Add “Feature edited by Movies Remastered” to credits Add MR outro logo Add MR Disney Saber logo

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