True Romance - Rotten in Denmark

Updated: 3rd May 2024

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Faneditor: MoviesRemastered
Fanedit Type: Extended Edition
Fanedit Release Date: 14th February 2022
Fanedit Runtime: 2h:14m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:0m:0s
Time Added: 0h:26m:0s
Franchise: True Romance
Genre: ActionCrimeDramaRomance
Original Title: True Romance (1993)  
Original Release Date: 1st January 1993
Original Runtime: 1h:58m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: 18
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English
Subtitles: No


True Romance is a gritty and exhilarating crime film directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino. The story revolves around Clarence Worley, a lonely and comic book-loving movie nerd who falls in love with a beautiful call girl named Alabama. After a night of passion, they decide to elope, but their plans take an unexpected turn when Clarence accidentally steals a suitcase full of cocaine belonging to Alabama's pimp. As they navigate a treacherous underworld, pursued by various criminals and law enforcement, the young couple embarks on a wild and violent journey to sell the drugs and secure their future together. Filled with sharp dialogue, intense action, and unforgettable characters, True Romance is a thrilling tale of love, loyalty, and survival in the face of overwhelming danger.


I originally compiled the Quentin Tarantino screen play edit but after completing it I preferred the chronological order way better. It felt more in keeping with this storyline. So, I’ve made a hybrid of Tarantino’s, The Theatrical cut and the Directors version to tell the story I love from this amazing couple. While I’ve tried to add as much footage as possible, I was able to remove a lot of the dotlace from the deleted scenes but they’re not perfect. They were in very poor quality but we’ve upscaled them and tried to highlight as much detail as possible using Topaz and other software. Thanks to Skenera for the help.

Change List:

• Add Fan Edit intro • Add MR logo intro • Add Percy Sledge – “When a Man Loves a Woman” to match Tarantino Cut • Add Radio Searching channel sound • Rebuilt the intro to suit the new score • Add City noise in all surround channels • Add new “Rotten in Denmark” title • Rearrange homeless people B-Roll to match lyrics of the song “Sleep out in the rain” • Add new Police surround sounds • Add crackling fire surround sounds • Add Traffic sounds • Add Movies Remastered and Skenera to opening titles • Add New Police Siren sound. Pan from left to right to match scene • Add Snowy Detroit scenes for new intro • Colourgrade new footage • Add new Titles for added soundtrack • Add City sounds in all surround channels • Add Deleted scene featuring Jack Black • Colourgrade deleted scene • Add surround reverb to audio • Add new background sound to match end credit scene from “The Street Fighter” movie playing • Add deleted comic book store extended scene • Colourgrade deleted scene. • Add Charles & Eddie “Wounded Bird” to match scene • Add reverb to soundtrack to match scene • Add surround audio layers to match scene • Add fade to black to match Tarantino’s original title cards between scenes • Add Janis Joplin “Cry Baby” Many people have added other tracks at to this scene but Alabama actually hums the tune in the bath. • Add deleted bathtub scene • Colourgrade deleted scene • Enhance center channel audio • Split audio in stereo channel and add room reverb • Add city sounds in surround channels • Add fade to black • Add city noises to surround channel to have this wake Clarence. • Continue city noises throughout scene in all surround channels • Add Hanz Zimmer “You’re so Cool” track to match scene • Add Extended deleted rooftop scene • Colourgrade deleted scene • Enhance center audio channel • Add audio in stereo channels • Add reverb to stereo channels • Add city noises to all surround channels • Add police sirens sounds • Add dog barking sounds • Add fade to black • Add “Motorcity” title card • Add Skinny Boy “They can’t get enough” track • Change soundtrack level high when deleted scene started • Add Drexal deleted scene • Rebuild scene using both Theatrical cut, Directors cut and deleted scene footage • Add city sounds to surround channels • Add fade to black • Add more violent club scene between Clarence and Drexal • Switch audio to directors cut • Colourgrade directors cut to match Theatrical cut • Add TV cut away shot from Directors cut as it has more detail • Colourgrade scene to match Theatrical cut • Add fade to black after meeting Clarence’s father • Add “Hollywood” title card to match Tarantino’s cut • Add “Clarence and Alabama Hit L.A.” title card • Add Aero Smith “The Other Side” track to match scene • Add Extended Hollywood Car journey deleted scene. • Colourgrade deleted scene • Fix ratio issue with deleted scene • Enhance centre audio • Add traffic sounds in surround channels • Add TV ad sound • Add American 90s MGM Rockin’ Rollercoaster ad • Add extended Hollywood Hotel talk with Clarence scene • Colourgrade deleted scene • Enhance centre channel audio • Add stereo audio channels with room reverb • Add “Freejack” movie scene audio to match what Alabama is watching on TV in surround channels • Add “You couldn’t catch the clap if you lived in a Whore house” line from Freejack scene • Add scenes from Directors cut feature Alabama and the Gangster. Many options to pick between takes here and is was nice to have the options. • Switch to Directors cut audio while using shots from Theatrical cut • Colourgrade Directors cut footage • Fix ratio issue with Director’s cut • Add cut away clip of Clarence humming in order to use as much directors cut footage as possible. • Add some Directors cut shots of Clarence in the Burger place • Add extended director cut shots of Alabama getting her ass kicked • Colourgrade Directors cut footage • Switch back to theatrical cut audio • Use Alabama laying on the floor shot from Directors cut • Option to stick with Gangster close up or have another shot of Alabama on the floor so I went with Alabama as we can feel her pain more by cutting back. • Switch to Directors cut audio • Add slightly longer shot (9 frames) of Alabama setting fire to gangster’s face. • Colourgrade Director’s cut and fix ratio issues • Add extended shots a Alabama losing it in rage from Directors Cut. • Cut back to theatrical cut when Clarence enters the room. • Add “Gangsters in a Life” delete scene. (Original footage is pretty back but I’ve enhanced it the best I could. • Colourgrade deleted scene • Fix ratio issues with deleted scene • Add 1930s elevator sounds in surround channels • Add 1930s elevator floor bell sounds in surround channels • Enhance Center audio channel • Add stereo audio channels • Add room reverb to stereo vocal channels • Add elevator door opening sound • Add daytime city sounds to scene • Cut back to Theatrical cut sound • Add “The Big Day” title card • Add fade to black • Add “Cop Wire” deleted scene • Colourgrade deleted scene • Fix ratio issue with deleted scene • Add hotel background sounds • Add police sirens and background noise in surround channels • Enhance centre channel dialogue • Add Stereo dialogue channels with room reverb • Cut back to theatrical cut of everyone in the car • Add “Walking to Meeting” deleted scene • Colourgrade deleted scene • Fix ratio issue • Add Hanz Zimmer “You’re so cool” soundtrack • Enhance centre dialogue channel • Add outdoor city sounds in surround channels • Add “Elliott Peptalk” deleted scene • Colourgrade deleted scene • Fix ratio deleted scene • Enhance center dialogue channel • Add stereo dialogue with room reverb • Add busy hotel noise in surround channels to Elliott cut away scenes • Layer hotel sounds over met with Clarence and Elliott • Cut to Directors cut shot between Elliott and Lee • Colourgrade Directors cut scenes • Fix ratio issues • Switch to Directors cut audio through hotel scene. • I couldn’t fix the soundtrack issue that’s actually in both released versions of the movie. I’ve no idea why they did a weird fade on the scene where the cop gets shot in the stomach. • Cut between Theatrical and Directors cut shots to show more violent action closeups. • Option to have Gangster come back from the dead to shoot the cop or have Alabama. do it I decided to have Alabama kill the cop out of justice for killing the security guard. • Fix colourgrade issues between Theatrical and Directors cuts. Each scenes colour feels completely different so hopefully how it’s more balanced. • Fix audio • Option to keep Clarence dead or have him come back. I decide to make a happy ending for the couple. Mainly because Alabama seems really bitter and out of character for the alternative ending, and for the fact I much prefer them having a Child called Elvis. THE END

Additional Notes:

Available only on MR Discord to Initiate members who own the original Blu-ray. Invite link here:

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Special Thanks:

Thanks to Skenera for the help with LUT and upscaling, Thanks to krausfadr for the head shot VFX.

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