Fast & Furious: New Model. Original Parts. (Season 1)

Updated: 4th June 2024

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Faneditor: Flippergoalie  
Fanedit Type: Movie-to-TV
Fanedit Release Date: 21st July 2023
Fanedit Runtime: 7h:33m:33s
Time Cut: 0h:0m:0s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Franchise: Fast and Furious
Genre: ActionAdventureCrimeDramaFamily
Original Title: The Fast and the Furious (2001)   Better Luck Tomorrow (2003)   The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)   The Turbo Charged Prelude to 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)   2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)   Los Bandoleros (2009)   Fast & Furious (2009)   Fast Five (2011)   F9: The Fast Saga (2021)   
Original Release Date: 22nd June 2001
Original Runtime: 7h:26m:27s
Original Links:

Certificate: 12A
Source: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: Stereo
Language: English
Subtitles: No


In a high-octane TV drama, the worlds of fast cars, undercover operations, and teenage rebellion collide. Dominic Toretto, a street racing icon, finds himself entangled in a web of crime involving dirty money and big-rig hijacking. Unbeknownst to him, Brian O'Conner, an LAPD officer, infiltrates the street racing scene to investigate a group of hijackers led by Toretto. Simultaneously, an accomplished high school student named Ben becomes entangled in a dangerous world of petty crime, forming an unlikely friendship with a trouble-seeking tough guy named Daric. As their illegal ventures escalate, they unwittingly cross paths with the fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled world of street racing. The drama intensifies as Brian O'Conner, now in Miami, continues his undercover work, forming alliances with new partners and delving into the dangerous mission of taking down a powerful drug dealer. Meanwhile, Dominic Toretto is forced out of hiding when a loved one is brutally murdered, leading him to cross paths with Brian once again. As the story unfolds, the TV series explores the intricate connections between these characters, their pasts, and their present struggles. With street racing, undercover operations, and personal vendettas at the forefront, the crew reunites in the Dominican Republic for a high-stakes mission to break an ally out of prison and hijack crucial gas shipments. The tension rises as loyalties are tested, alliances shift, and the characters navigate a world where speed, crime, and justice collide.


In 2023 I finally got around to watching Hobbs & Shaw, F9: The Fast Saga and Fast X. I already knew the timeline/continuity was terrible in this franchise and these movies just reinforced that thinking. I also found out my best friends had never seen any of the films and didn't want to start because the commitment was too overwhelming. So I decided to edit the franchise into a TV series that fixes the continuity and also makes it more palatable to new viewers.

Change List:

Custom title sequence for every episode. Episode 1: The Fast and the Furious Added the opening sequence from F9 and recolored. Trimmed the start of The Fast and the Furious and added a “12 Years Later” title card. Removed Vince saying “f*ggot.” Cut after Dom and Brian get home. Minor color corrections. Extended the song “Area Codes” from the background into the credits. Episode 2: The Fast and the Furious Cut after Brian talks to Tanner Minor color corrections. Added similar music to what plays at the end (Cyberpunk 2077 credit music) to extend into the credits. Episode 3: The Fast and the Furious Minor color corrections. Cut out the post credit scene. Episode 4: Better Luck Tomorrow Added the post credit scene from The Fast and the Furious. Cut some scenes and lines from Better Luck Tomorrow. Adjusted the frame to widescreen to match because the movie is in full screen. Cut before they train for the decathlon. Added some random jazz music for the credits. Episode 5: Better Luck Tomorrow Cut some scenes and trimmed some others. Adjusted the frame to widescreen to match because the movie is in full screen. Cut after Ben quits. Extended the song “Something’s Burning” into the credits. Episode 6: Better Luck Tomorrow Added back a cut scene from the start of the movie. Adjusted the frame to widescreen to match because the movie is in full screen. Cut and trimmed some scenes. Reordered some scenes. Episode 7: 2 Fast 2 Furious The Turbo Charged Prelude opens the episode with some minor trims. Trimmed a couple scenes. Cut after Brian and Roman steal the package. Added the song “Represent” to the credits. Episode 8: 2 Fast 2 Furious Trimmed the start a bit. Cut after Carter threatens Monica at the club. Extended the song “Block Reincarnated” from the background into the credits. Episode 9: 2 Fast 2 Furious Underlaid some audio at the start. Mostly left unaltered. Episode 10: Los Bandoleros Cut up Tokyo Drift and added a portion to open the episode. Recolored parts. Los Bandoleros has minor trims. Episode 11: Fast & Furious Made the opening scenes happen before the intro and trimmed it. Cut before Dwight’s apartment scene. Extended the song “Clown Posse” into the credits. Episode 12: Fast & Furious Trimmed a bit. Cut after Dom and Brian fight. Added similarly sounding music to extend into the credits (Epic Orchestral Music: "Obscurity"). Episode 13: Fast & Furious Cut the ending and replaced it with the beginning of Fast Five. Recolored the endings to match. Transitioned the audio back to the Fast & Furious credit music.

Additional Notes:

Episode 1 - 40m12s Episode 2 - 33m42s Episode 3 - 36m10s Episode 4 - 25m29s Episode 5 - 29m11s Episode 6 - 42m43s Episode 7 - 42m33s Episode 8 - 30m59s Episode 9 - 38m48s Episode 10 - 28m27s Episode 11 - 46m45s Episode 12 - 28m48s Episode 13 - 29m46s

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