Fast & Furious: New Model. Original Parts. (Season 2)

Updated: 30th April 2024

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Faneditor: Flippergoalie  
Fanedit Type: Movie-to-TV
Fanedit Release Date: 3rd August 2023
Fanedit Runtime: 8h:15m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:0m:0s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Franchise: Fast and Furious
Genre: ActionAdventureCrimeFamily
Original Title: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)   Fast Five (2011)   Fast & Furious 6 (2013)   Furious 7 (2015)   F9: The Fast Saga (2021)   
Original Release Date: 29th April 2011
Original Runtime: 8h:25m:31s
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Certificate: 12A
Source: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: Stereo
Language: English
Subtitles: No


In a high-octane TV series spanning across the globe, former cop Brian O'Conner, mastermind Dominic Toretto, and their elite team of car racers are on the run, living as fugitives after a successful heist in Rio. Tasked with one final job to gain their freedom, they find themselves entangled with a corrupt businessman and pursued by relentless federal agent Luke Hobbs. As Dom and Brian's crew scatters worldwide, they are sought after by Hobbs for assistance in taking down a deadly gang of mercenaries. Facing challenges, unexpected reunions, and confronting presumed-dead loved ones, the crew races against time while evading authorities. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, street racer Sean Boswell discovers the thrilling world of drift racing and becomes entangled with the Japanese Mafia. With a debt to repay, Sean enters the underground world of drift street racing, navigating dangerous alliances and facing the notorious "Drift King." As he rises through the ranks, Sean must prove himself in a high-stakes showdown. The adrenaline-fueled journey continues as Dom, Brian, and their crew, having defeated international terrorist Owen Shaw, are drawn back into action to deal with his vengeful older brother, Deckard Shaw. In a twist of alliances, they join forces with a slick government agent to rescue a kidnapped computer hacker and secure a powerful surveillance program known as "God's Eye." As the lines between family, revenge, and survival blur, this fast-paced series explores the world of high-stakes heists, underground racing, and international intrigue, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with each thrilling episode.


In 2023 I finally got around to watching Hobbs & Shaw, F9: The Fast Saga and Fast X. I already knew the timeline/continuity was terrible in this franchise and these movies just reinforced that thinking. I also found out my best friends had never seen any of the films and didn't want to start because the commitment was too overwhelming. So I decided to edit the franchise into a TV series that fixes the continuity and also makes it more palatable to new viewers.

Change List:

Custom title sequence for every episode. Episode 1: Fast Five Cut together some of the 1989 scenes from F9 as the season opening. Cut the recap of Fast & Furious and went straight to the news reports. Recolored some scenes to match better. A few minor trims. Cut after Mia announces she’s pregnant. Added the song “Turning Point” to the credits. Episode 2: Fast Five Cut when they start prepping for the heist. Added a similar song as what plays to the credits ([Trap] - Noisestorm - Heist [Monstercat Release]). Episode 3: Fast Five Cut after Dom and Hobbs fight. Added music that felt right to the credits (BEAST | Dark Badass Battle Music • by Supreme Devices). Episode 4: Fast Five Spliced in a shot of Dante from Fast X during the safe heist. Spliced in a shot of Dante from Fast X falling off the bridge. Color corrected multiple shots to match better including the Fast X scenes. Cut the mid credit scene. Episode 5: Fast & Furious 6 Used the Fast Five mid credit scene as the opener. Minor trims. Cut after Letty shoots Dom. Added music that flowed well into the credits (Music for When The Antagonist Prevails - With No Mercy). Episode 6: Fast & Furious 6 Cut after Roman shoots the harpoon at Dom. Added “My Life Be Like” by Grits to the credits. The song is from the Tokyo Drift soundtrack and I wanted to slowly transition people back to that era since the timeline is messed up. Episode 7: Fast & Furious 6 Cut a couple scenes. Cut after Dom saves Letty. Extended the song “I’m Here For You” into the credits. Episode 8: Fast & Furious 6 Trimmed a bit from the beginning. Cut the mid credit scene. Episode 9: The Fast & the Furious Tokyo Drift Cut, rearranged, and trimmed a lot to make it seam like time has past since we last saw Sean. Recut everything to make it seem like he is working instead of going to high school. Boosted audio. Added “Shinpainai ft. AKLO” by Hideyoshi to the credits. Episode 10: The Fast & the Furious Tokyo Drift Cut, rearranged, and trimmed a lot to make it seam like time has past since we last saw Sean. Recut everything to make it seem like he is working instead of going to high school. Boosted audio. Added “Fast & Furious 6: The Prodigy & The Glitch Mob - Breathe Remix” to the credits. Episode 11: Furious 7 Started with Furious 7. Cut out Furious 7’s opening credits. Reordered the beginning of Furious 7 to intercut better with the mid credit scene from Fast & Furious 6. Cut Furious 7 after Dom goes to Tokyo and Mia talks to Brian. Added in the remainder of Tokyo Drift. Recut the ending of Tokyo Drift with the same sequence from Furious 7. Minor color corrections to make all the cuts match. Minor audio corrections. Episode 12: Furious 7 Minor audio corrections. Cut before the desert. Extended “How Bad Do You Want It” by Sevyn Streeter into the credits. Episode 13: Furious 7 Minor audio corrections. Cut after the team arrives home. Added the song “Look to the Stars” from Man of Steel to the credits. Episode 14: Furious 7 Minor audio corrections.

Additional Notes:

Episode 1 - 42m16s Episode 2 - 30m09s Episode 3 - 31m55s Episode 4 - 32m23s Episode 5 - 33m49s Episode 6 - 32m43s Episode 7 - 37m55s Episode 8 - 30m15s Episode 9 - 32m39s Episode 10 - 35m32s Episode 11 - 40m51s Episode 12 - 43m10s Episode 13 - 31m49s Episode 14 - 39m34s

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