Do Androids Dream of Funkadelic Sheep? (Blade Runner Grindhoused)

Updated: 3rd May 2024

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Faneditor: krausfadr  
Fanedit Type: FanFix
Fanedit Release Date: 1st May 2022
Fanedit Runtime: 1h:37m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:25m:0s
Time Added: 0h:5m:0s
Franchise: Blade Runner
Genre: ActionCyberpunkDetectiveDramaGrindhouseMystery
Original Title: Blade Runner (1982)   
Original Release Date: 1st January 1982
Original Runtime: 1h:57m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: 18
Source: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: Stereo
Language: English
Subtitles: No


In a funkadelic future Los Angeles, a jaded ex-cop hunts down three androids designed to look human, and he isn’t too concerned about killing a human by “mistake.” Whoopsie.


This edit converts Blade Runner 1982 into a “bad” Grindhouse flick from the 1970’s.

Change List:

Major Changes: 1. The film now has a grainy old Grindhouse look with film dirt and glitches 2. Added two fake trailers for Revenge of Luke Starbreaker and Sandy… Killer Alien 3. Nearly all the musical score is replaced with 70’s vibe music and scoring 4. Scenes rearranged and badly cut as needed for bad dramatic effect 5. New subtitles to add humor 6. Scenes recut for humor and various gags 7. JF Sebastian’s toy companion has a new voice and dialogue 8. Deleted and alternate footage is added throughout, changing the feel and tone 9. Various cuts made to speed up the very slow tortoise pace 10. Deckard is depicted in a more negative light, a sloppy, crude jerk 11. Deckard’s bad narration is embraced and expanded 12. Zhora (a.k.a. Miss Salome) isn’t a Replicant. She’s just a stripper that Leon apparently likes. 13. Added an alternate Unicorn dream 14. Deckard and Rachael deleted love scene reinstated 15. Pris is not the best acrobat 16. Rachael is extra weird and a little creepy 17. Blood VFX added when Leon is shot.

Additional Notes:

Methods: SD footage upscaled to 1080p in Topaz, converted to Prores Source films converted from HEVC to Cineform using Hybrid Color grading and editing in Resolve VFX in Resolve and Premiere Additional audio processing in Audition Exported to Cineform and encoded in Handbrake.

Other Sources:

Fake Trailers: Star Wars A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Grease.

Special Thanks:

Crimson Maul's - The Last of Us Part 1
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Star Wars - Episode IV: 2004 Special Edition Revisited (Purist Edition)
Star Wars - Episode IV: 2004 Special Edition Revisited
Star Wars: Andor: Chapter II - The Retribution
Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Chapter I
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back [Despecialized]
True Romance - Rotten in Denmark
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