Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited

Updated: 3rd May 2024

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Faneditor: Adywan  
Fanedit Type: FanFix
Fanedit Release Date: 1st August 2017
Fanedit Runtime: 2h:7m:0s
Time Cut: 0h:0m:0s
Time Added: 0h:0m:0s
Franchise: Star Wars
Genre: ActionAdventureFantasySci-Fi
Original Title: Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)   
Original Release Date: 1st January 1980
Original Runtime: 2h:6m:0s
Original Links:

Certificate: U
Format: Digital
Resolution: 1080p
Sound Mix: 5.1. Channels
Language: English


In 2008, a relatively unknown Faneditor going by the name of Adywan shook the Fanediting galaxy with his release of 'Star Wars: Revisited'. From that day, Faneditors and film enthusiasts from around the world (and we'd like to think throughout the galaxy…) have waited in eager anticipation for the continuation of Adywan's Revisited saga. That day has arrived! Prepare yourself to relive the magic of Star Wars with Adywan's 'The Empire Strikes Back Revisited'. Come watch the speeders fly, the heroes flee and the sabers clash in this instant Fanediting classic. We'll see you in a galaxy far, far away…


Adywan and his team of fanediting rebels have left no frame untouched. Color (or in Ady's case, "colour") correction has been applied throughout to restore the purity of each image. New scenes have been faithfully created to enhance the experience while preserving the integrity of the source. Each frame has been scrupulously analyzed to ensure no continuity errors remain. This is the Star Wars you remembered as a child, and the one you'd be well off showing to your children (or your pets and friends).

Change List:

1 - New 20th Century Fox opening 2 - New recreated opening crawl 3 - Fixed juddering starfield as camera pans as probes fly away from the belly of stardestroyer 4 - Added flames as probe enters atmosphere 5 - Replaced pinks streak with flames for when probe crashes 6 - Removed footprints in snow when probe crashes 7 - Added crater debris when probe emerges to match previous close-up shot 8 - Smoothed Taun-taun stop motion animation. 9 - Flipped shot of probe crashes when Luke see it to match the first time we see the crash 10 - Enhanced binoculars display 11 - New shot of Han on Taun-Taun when he is speaking to Luke 12 - New Wampa 13 - Flipped the Wampa's arm as it looks like he is back swiping Luke because they used the wrong arm 14 - Removed boom mic reflection in Luke's goggles 15 - Removed puppeteers’ arm (done before the blu-ray fix) 16 - New matte of rebel hangar entrance 17 - Changed Falcons turret gun in all studio set shots to match the studio model 18 - Swapped hair colour or rebels when Leia is watching Han as he enters command centre to help fix issue with flipped shot 19 - Covering Anthony Daniel's neck which is visible while Han calls over the Deck Officer. 20 - Re-edited the Wampa cave scene to closer match the original theatrical version, eliminating all SE additions (apart from one shot) 21 - Altered position of lightsaber in the snow so it is more covered to match the way it is buried in other shots 22 - Luke’s legs position changed from open to closed when hanging form ceiling of cave to match their position as he tries to break free 23 - Luke’s sabre now retracts as he runs out of cave 24 - Expanding the size of the hangar interior when seen from outside the hangar doors in the shot where R2 is using his scanner and added more troops/pilots 25 - Altered scenery slightly when Han walks away from Taun Taun 26 - Changed the scenery seen outside of the hangar before they close the doors 27 - Fixed a continuity issue where the door starts to close twice in this scene 28 - Added a "force" glow around Obi-Wan's ghost 29 - Added motion blur when Taun Taun falls 30 - Flipped 2 shots when Han cuts open Taun Taun to fix continuity issue 31 - Added lightsaber scorch march when Taun Taun is cut open 32 - Added cockpit displays to snowpseeders 33 - Added clouds to background of snowspeeder as it flies around mountain to help fix continuity issues 34 - Eliminated many of the transparent cockpit issues in snowspeeders throughout 35 - Changed colour of chest box decal from green back to the correct blue 36 - New snowspeeder as Han waves and added speeders shadow 37 - You now see 2 speeders entering hangar 38 - Bacta tank colour changed to red (its original colour was supposed to be red but the overhead lighting was too bright and it bleached out the redness of the tank while filming) 39 - New shot of probe leaving the Shield Generator 40 - Fixed the problem of the mound Han is behind during the wipe having the debris from the destroyed probe already covering it. 41 - Probe now continues to move as it fires at Chewie and actually shoots at Chewie instead of firing towards a different area 42 - The two shots we see of the probe now match, where originally the lighting completely changed between shots and had eliminated all detail in the scenery 43 - Added missing blast flashes to all guns throughout movie 44 - all laser bolts changed to match ANH:R and the PT 45 - Fixed "wobbly" panel when Leia presses the consol button 46 - Altered path of stardestroyer in first fleet shot so it doesn't look like it is just dropping down the frame 47 - Altered path of distant stardestroyers to give them a more natural movement 48 - fixed problem of TIE flying behind the stardestroyer tower causing scaling problems and replaced all TIES in this shot apart from Bomber 49 - Altered the shadow seen on the underbelly of executor in close-up shot to match other shots. 50 - Fixed bluescreen matte problems of rear side of stardestroyer tower on executor underbelly shot 51 - added missing TIE engines on all shots throughout movie 52 - Replaced the Tie fighter that heads towards Executor taking a strange path and altered position of stardestroyers 53 - repositioned stardestroyer and added new TIE bombers to close up shot of Vader looking out of window 54 - Altered matte of Executor bridge in all shots 55 - Altered background of Vader to a more correct background when he is talking to Ozzel 56 - New rebel transport hangar matte to correct scaling issues 57 - Fixed the object next to Han that get knocked while he is talking to Luke, yet appear in original position in next shot 58 - Added "Blue" engines to all stardestroyers 59 - Added atmosphere glow around Hoth in all shots it is missing 60 - Enhanced display when Vader chokes Ozzel 61 - Fixed matting issue when Vader chokes Ozzel where you can see Piette's body through the display surrounding wall 62 - Altered distant view of Hoth battlefield to fix continuity issue as original.

Additional Notes:

Overall: 1 - Doing a complete colour correction. 2 - Rebuilding the sound mix with new sound FX. 3 - Re-rotoscoping all the lightsabers to fix colour (and other) errors. 4 - Re-rotoscoping all of the laser blasts for consistency. 5 - Attempting to fix spaceship/snowspeeder transparency issues. 6 - TIEs will be blue and ANH:RHD will have blue TIEs also 7 - Replacing/enhancing starfields. 8 - fixing as many garbage mattes as possible. 9 - recoloured R2's black panels to blue Audio: 1 - fixing the issue where Luke called Wedge "Rogue 2" instead of "Rogue 3" 2 - Restoring the line "you're lucky you don't taste very good" 3 - Restoring Boba Fett's original voice 4 - Restoring the "bring my shuttle" line Things not done: 1 - Not adding landing crafts to deploy AT-ATs. 2 - Not making the AT-AT lasers green. 3 - Not making it so the fleet jumps to lightspeed just before the credits. 4 - Not adding Mon Cal ships to the Rebel Fleet at the end. 5 - Not adding music from the prequels or music that wasn't originally in the movie. 6 - Not adding Luke's vision so it can be seen like Anakin's in ROTS. 7 - Not adding anything just because its in the Expanded Universe. The EU doesn't exist for the purposes of this edit.

Other Sources:

Special Thanks:

The day has finally come where I can share this edit with all of you. It's been a long hard slog, with many ups and downs (mainly downs), but I was never prepared to just give up. The support you have all shown is what kept me going, so I can't thank you enough.

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